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Combat Nuisances - Hurk Deflection and Gust Sting

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Hello! I am a Golden God on Spear Lann, so I hope this gives some credibility to my addressing of the issues regarding certain skills of some characters for the sake of all Vindictus community. I sincerely apologize if this statement sounds like I'm bragging, which is not the intention. I just feel like it's the best way to give my suggestion more weight and considered more cautiously. Let's keep this forum G-rated :) Here is the ticket I submitted, but I would also like some support from the rest of you guys as well as any feedback you may have to offer.

There is an issue with deflection upon being in transcendence state for Hurk. During Hurk's transcendence state, Hurk may do a smash attack, but unintentionally try to deflect during the middle of a boss' attack animation, prompting Hurk to raise his greatsword to parry, but then dropping the parry immediately due to being at 0 stamina to not be able to deflect, which then forces Hurk into a stamina "out of breath" state, resulting in Hurk being vulnerable to the boss' attack during that time. This is my #1 reason as to why the majority of my hits for Hurk in Einrach are due to this issue. My recommendation is to include a separate key input for deflection.

The next issue is regarding Sword Lann, Twin Sword Vella, and Longsword Fiona; Gust Sting. This is an issue that has been around for a very long time. Gust sting shares the same key input of smash attacks, and I feel like this is creating some issues. The input of smash attacks lasts too long to the point where even if the player is already left clicking to do normal attacks even before the smash animation ends, it prompts the player doing an accidental gust sting. This is an incredibly annoying issue that is affecting too many characters, and I feel like this would make a lot of people happy if this was resolved. Since gust sting and smash attacks share the same key input, my solution is to include a separate key input for gust sting, which would completely remedy this problem instead of having to modify or completely remove gust sting altogether :)

Thank you very much for your time for reading all of this and I do hope you strongly consider my request, not for me, but for the sake of the Vindictus community and all it's lovely people. Hope you have a fantastic day.
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