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Game crashing before it even loads

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I didn't see this topic in the recents so wondering if it's just me....
Right after I updated my game, it's crashing... again.

It crashes at the very first load screen as the devcat symbol starts fading out. "vindictus launcher has stopped working"
Already tried 'repair' and restarting computer.
Frankly I'm tired of uninstalling the game 5 different ways, reinstalling it, then changing all of my computer settings, then repeating the whole process over and over..... just to find out it was some slight graphics req upgrade. (anyway, are those ever announced? maybe I missed them, but if not, it would be useful to say, for example, hey we've changed the color depth of the game, make sure to update/upgrade your systems)
(((Last time there was a major update (August-ish this year?) my game started crashing - eventually figured out the problem, had to simply change my color depth my laptop was running at)))

Excuse my bitterness, just tired of doing more troubleshooting on getting the game to run than actually getting to play it in the last few recent months=/

So when I run the "can you run it" thing it shows my gfx is under minimum, but when you actually compare the minimum card vs mine(gt 540m), the specs appear better on mine (but I'm no expert... some websites rank mine better some rank the other one better). Anyway, it's not even in the game yet at that point, barely loading, would the card be really causing the problem?
Anyone else experiencing this?

TL;DR.... game crashes as devcat screen starts fading. Hoping someone else had the same and knows how to fix =)


  • CriminyCriminy
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    Hi Nelly. Let my first say that everything I'm about to tell you is just wild guesses and I can't assure you anything will work.

    Some questions:
    1. The game was working fine prior to the update?
    2. Did the game randomly crash at the loading screen ever before the update?
    3. The day of the update, did you change anything in the game's settings?
    4. What version of Windows are you running? You mentioned an older laptop graphics chip (540m) so I'm assuming maybe Win7?

    Here are a few things you can try:
    1. Right Click your Vindictus shortcut->Properties->Shortcut tab->Target Field and at the very end, add this "-dxlevel 80" without quotes. This will force the game to use an older version of directx which your computer may handle better. If it doesn't work, remove the -dxlevel argument from the shortcut.
    2. Make sure you did not accidentally block the game with your firewall or its hack guard processes when you launched it.
    3. Download and install directx 9.0
    4. Uninstall and Reinstall the game to your main drive. ex C:\Nexon.
    5. Update your 540m gt drivers
    6. Try different Compatibility modes in the shortcut options (its one of the tabs).

    Make sure when you uninstall that it removes everything. Check your UserName\AppData\Local folder and see if there is one called 'NexonLauncher'. If its there, delete it. Then check your main drive for a Nexon folder and delete it just in case the uninstall process misses anything.

    There is also another Vinidctus folder created in MyDocuments (where video/screenshots are saved). There is also a folder called 'Report Error' full of logs. Check the last launcher log and see if everything has a 'OK' next to it. Check the main game log for any clues about the crash. It shouldn't be to big a log since you crash at the load screen. Look for 'error' or 'failed' or anything not right.

    Hopefully something works for you. If it still crashes then I'm fresh out of ideas. Hopefully someone more savy with this stuff will come along. Your 540m is a year newer than the game itself and it sounds like you've played the game before on your current set up. I suppose they could have increased the minimum requirements. You can see them at the launcher if you scroll down to the bottom. It says minimum video card= GTX 9800+ / Radeon HD 4870.

    It might just be time for an upgrade. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Nelly0416Nelly0416
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    Hi Criminy!
    thanks for your response!

    answers to Some questions:
    1. The game was working fine prior to the update? Yes!
    2. Did the game randomly crash at the loading screen ever before the update? Nope, not that I recall
    3. The day of the update, did you change anything in the game's settings? Nope
    4. What version of Windows are you running? You mentioned an older laptop graphics chip (540m) so I'm assuming maybe Win7? you are correct!

    A few months ago when I had that problem after the other update I literally went thru one by one every single driver I could update and checked to make sure they're current. I do get the regular automatic updates so everything was already up to date; directx11, drivers, all are up to date and looking good.
    With almost every single troubleshooting communication we went thru with my last issue I was told to uninstall and reinstall the game so I wasn't over exaggerating in my initial post about that =))) but I'll probably do it just one more time to rule out a corrupted file.

    I checked compatibility settings right away and tried minimum of all since that's what helped me figure out the color issue last time. still crashes.
    What makes me suspect not an issue with my computer is the fact that prior to the update I could run the game even on battery save mode which disables by gfx card and uses the integrated one. Yes, laggy, but would not crash. Plus it crashes before any of the game/gfx intensive part is even loaded. But who knows.

    In the ReportError Logs in the launcher it shows all OK
    In the Heroes log I was trying to follow the lines and compare to older logs and try to figure out where it drops off but all I'm really seeing is right at or after the intro avi. i'll keep looking!

    thanks again!
  • Nelly0416Nelly0416
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    SOOOO good news and bad news.
    Reinstalled the game, and still crashes at the same place. What I forgot to mention is I'm running thru Nexon Launcher (and I know the game runs fine thru Nexon Launcher on other PCs). Now since it crashed again, I went back and updated my Steam version of Vindictus, and Lo and Behold!!! The game runs!! It loaded, was able to sign in, go to town, run around in town without issues (it's on midranged graphics). Did not try a dungeon because it's 3am but obviously something weird is going on that it's crashing thru the launcher.

    Here's what the "Can you run it" tool says, which I don't get, since it says mine does not meet reqs yet it when you look at the details mine's higher than required:

    Video Card
    Minimum: GeForce 9800 GTX+ / Radeon HD 4870
    You Have: GeForce GT 540M

    Upgrade Suggested: Unfortunately, your Video Card does not meet this requirement. Click here to see some recommendations.

    Features: Minimum attributes of your Video Card

    Required / You Have
    Icon Hardware T&L Yes / Yes
    Icon Pixel Shader version 4.0 / 5.0
    Icon Vertex Shader version 4.0 / 5.0


  • CriminyCriminy
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    Wow how weird! Glad you got the game working again.

  • Nelly0416Nelly0416
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    Me too!
    I know my laptop is getting pretty old but damn it I have hope in it! It's been a champion up to current day and I'm not ready to give up on it! I know I'm stubborn but I also know I can be wrong... but just because of that, so glad I wasn't wrong to trust it =)
  • Nelly0416Nelly0416
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    still no response? +sigh.
    Well I was hoping the new update would fix whatever the issue was but it's still crashing at the same place through Nexon Launcher.
    Also now my preview screen is showing black, I'm assuming thanks to the new update again.
    These updates are just really out to get my laptop, now, aren't they. Make it suffer any way possible.
    Luckily other than the preview it's running decent thru steam but with steam it's locked to one user log in so if anyone else wants to use my laptop they are out of luck. =/
  • ZuzukZuzuk
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    does ram freq affect the game?
    my game just closes randomly :c
    i have corsair vengeance pro 2133mhz DDR3 8GBX2 dual channel
  • Hollow13Hollow13
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    guys yesturday morning vindictus worket perfectly,then when i loged aftenoon it asked me to install full game again so i did,then when i lounced the game it i ger:Please reinstal the game client.I tryed reapir and everything i know,can someone pls help me?
  • TennotTennot
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    Today it crashed more than 10 times for me. They did something during the last update and now it crashes all the time.