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"The Rescuers" Guild Recruiting (Not currently)

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UPDATE: We are no longer recruiting members at the moment. Thanks to those that have shown an interest.

The Rescuers in a small guild that has been in the East server for a couple of years now.
Listed are some of our goals/desires for this guild:

1. An open and friendly environment for both new and experienced players.
2. We would like to help new players get into the game, learn character mechanics and different power up systems, and more importantly, help them enjoy the game. This includes assistance in raids up to S3 and Nilfheim battles.
3. We will also aid experienced players in S3 raids or farming runs. We have at least 2 member now that can aid in Dullahan raids and run them daily.

And below are some rules:
1. Please be kind to each other (regardless of new or experienced player)
2. Do NOT start up any "drama"
3. Do NOT behave in an "elitist" manner
4. Keep a moderate level of activity, we currently have a requirement of activity every 6 weeks. (This can be extended within reason because studies, work and other obligations are important and we understand)
5. If anyone breaks any rules, do not confront said person by also breaking the rules, instead report it to me with a screenshot.

To apply for the guild you can look up "TheRescuers" in the guild list and hit apply. When applying, please send a message to Kayrene in-game and let me know how you heard about the guild. I will be checking for these before approving anyone.
You can also hop onto CH57 and chances are you'll run into someone from the guild.
We hope to have fun with any recruits!

A note about the guild, most of our players like to RP. While this isn't strictly an RP guild, we welcome other players to engage in RP; if you chose not to, that's acceptable too, so long as the rules (listed above) are not broken.

Update: We now have a Discord server, contact Kayrene for an invite once you've been accepted into the guild.