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in Delia
Why does Delia have such a controversy between her skills and her classification!?

her bio clearly states she's a 'princess', but when her skills line up perfectly, she's more of an 'executioner'!


  • Weiss_OswaldWeiss_Oswald
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    I still find the way that Delia uses her bastard sword and the way she moves around to be very Graceful and Princess-like.

    Though, in the way that her skills have massive damage, she truly is an 'executioner' m7GDzJ8.png
  • ElyrElyr
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    Heh, Henry VIII was a king, yet this didn't stop him from being an executioner
  • ReziRezi
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    She's more of a dancer, if anything. If you play her properly, you'll be dancing around the battlefield using grace to swing a sword bigger than your back can handle. Executioners tend to deal slow, precise fatal hits; Delia is a whirling dervish.