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Being a DevCat Employee 101 (Part 1)

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Say you applied for your dream job at the factory of waifus called DevCat and were somehow accepted despite not knowing s**t about programming. On the very first day DOL approaches you, shakes your hand firmly and with a cheerful smile charges you with the most paramount of tasks: FIX MAI GAEM AND BRING UZ MOAR PROFITS MY DEAR WAIFU LOVER. As he turns around and disappears behind the doors covered with posters of Arisha in the latest swimsuit from some famous Korean fashion designer smiling at you seductively. As you look at your new workplace you begin to shiver. Strange hotness floods your entire body, your palms become sweaty. As you sit in front of the PC your knees become weak, arms heavy.

The first thing that greets you is the wallpaper that plants certain uneasiness in your mind. Gallagher seems to be running away, his face covered in terror. The chaser, Nyle, is sporting his usual robe but he's holding something that casts rather lengthy shadow. He's smiling, but not just smiling. It's a devilish smile, the type of smile that announces some lustful yet dark intentions. You quickly load up the first editing program you see on the desktop. 'DevcatEditor95.exe'. Relief. The treacherous sight is gone. You can now peacefully begin your first day in new dream job. You glance again at the poster on the door. You know you shouldn't in new workplace. You can't succumb now despite that look Arisha is sending you. You can't fail your new Senpai. With a firm grip you grab the mouse and load up Vindi.exe in the editor. The time is now. You must fix the game so others will find it fun again. You hover over the options and...
The outcome of possible Part 2 will be determined by the winning option in a week from the time of posting.
  1. You...17 votes
    1. Randomize login server. Logging-in is now RNG based and can fail (premium connection prevents it)
       24% (4 votes)
    2. Randomize boats. Each attempt to start a boat results in starting random battle (VVIP prevents it)
       18% (3 votes)
    3. Certain battles need adjusting. You delete them. Noone notices apart from non-paying players
       6% (1 vote)
    4. Introduce new NX-only stat 'Might'. 1.5x stronger than AD, can get 1 point per 500 NX spent, no cap
       53% (9 votes)


  • AphoticaiAphoticai
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    I am so confused, no Arisha swimsuit choice? Hides in the shadows.
  • SrWurmSrWurm
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    Obviously you are mad with the game. Why you lose time here instead of downloading another game to hate once you reach the endgame?
  • BabyDaniBabyDani
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    so funny +smile looking forward to part 2!