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Armor not letting me chose my inner armor?! Why?!

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I am currently wearing Bloody Night set from the NX shop and my inner armor was the Splendid Fantasy inner armor. I haven't played in about a week and there seems to have been a change. The inner armor now displays as some kind of body hose and thigh highs. I really don't like the look and it seems to be bound to the Bloody Night set. This also seems to be the case with most armor sets in the NX shop. If this is the case, I will no longer be buying armor sets from the shop or inner armors. I really hope this change is reverted. Does anyone else feel this way?
  1. Should inner armor be locked to the set or should you have a choice?4 votes
    1. Inner armor should be loked to set. (The way it is now)
       0% (0 votes)
    2. Inner armor should be swappable regardless of set. (The way it was)
       100% (4 votes)


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    This was a bug that was fixed sometime ago so I am locking this thread.
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