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who got pics of crystalline veil or regina

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edited July 26, 2017 in General Discussion
if anyone can post pics of the pieces separately i'd appreciate it very much. thx


  • AnthonytonyboyAnthonytonyboy
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    Open Ranklist your Char, search other's outfitter, you can check all pieces, simple, easy, fast and effective APLPoa5.png
  • ShajirrShajirr
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    "Open Ranklist your Char"
    Can you elaborate? I have no idea what you said here
  • OrodalfOrodalf
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    I know, right?

    What he meant is:
    1. Hit 'C' to open the Character menu.
    2. Hit "Rank" under your character's portrait.
    3. In that list, you can look at others' outfitters and thus preview (via the usual interface) outfitter items on your own character.