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Terrable Nexon Support for Nexon Launcher !!

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edited July 17, 2017 in Tech Support
Damn Mad !!,

Launcher fails to start >> uninstalled launcher >reinstalled launcher>directed it to vindictus game files>> Launcher START button swirls then nothing.

So many people think they have to RE-DOWNLOAD this 15 gigabytes on account of this launcher failing to find it's game location or tries to installed to C:/ (the ROOT directory) on launcher reinstall.

Nexon support is useless - yes I mean useless for this game....... This launcher has had problems on so many game updates and how they fail to check goes beyond comprehension.


**After running this game for months with no problems then suddenly Launcher does not work because of some unknown update to it - I right click Nexon Launcher and select Run as Admin and it works. I changed nothing before so i don't have any answers why it now needs to run as admin.
I guess they changed it because it would ask for admin after i logged in now it wants admin on clicking the Icon for Nexon Launcher.


  • MaximusMaximus
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    So, I take it that I'm not the only one getting the 'Application failed to respond or respond in a timely manner' BS whenever I try and run the launcher!?

    Why don't the devs just go back to the straight login until all the bugs can be worked out of the Nexon Launcher!?