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Some Suggestions

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1. Bring back the equipment and accessories that were removed from the game. Bring back certain enchant scrolls like Solid as well. Many nice equipment items were removed, including some best-in-slot items like Fomorian Book and good accessories like Heaven's Radiance. Equipment sets for the set titles would be impossible to get now for those users who have no expertises leveled up. Expertises were introduced as a way to craft 3* items and to craft items for cheaper than NPC's crafted them for (half the material cost on certain materials), but now you cannot even craft items via NPC. Items are locked behind certain expertises that you must raise the proficiency of. Players also cannot have multiple expertises and some players do not have any leveled at all. You could either bring back NPC crafting or create a crafting tab that players can access to craft all the past NPC-craftable equipment with NPC-like requirements that are higher than what expertises require. Another option is to make these items require 0 proficiency in the expertise to craft, since they used to be NPC-craftable after all.

2. Increase raid sizes back to 8. Reducing the amount of party members only helps kill the game further and promotes kicking random people in order for friends or guildies to join in on runs. If people want to launch with 4, they can do that.

3. Remove the ranking system or disable it. This serves no purpose whatsoever, especially since the points are not optimal and not weighted appropriately. Stats that matter are not accounted for, while stats that do not matter are accounted for. Points can be easily cheesed if you understand how it works. This system has also increased saltiness/ bitterness within the community and the toxicity of the players has skyrocketed. The ranking system also promotes a lot of threatening and harassing other players via whispers and/ or megaphones as well as all chat. There is way too much trash talking now, etc. It would be in the best interest to remove it, especially since there is no purpose or benefit to it at all.