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You know this would be hilarious if...

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It didn't result in a game breaking levitation glitch that prevents you from doing your part in a raid. Oh, you gotta love it when transformation wears off at the worst possible moment.



  • RavelationsRavelations
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    I've had this happen even before Rise came out, i was lagging and my hook glitched out, Abom is full of glitches, half the time i cant even hook because i go right under the platform, and then fall to my death, and while that was all fine and dandy before because people would stop to revive, Now its all about the last man standing because that person gets the most damage and thus more rewards. I mean GG's may rain from the sky more so than divine blessing stones but its still annoying
  • Order5Order5
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    Throwing on some extra details since I found a party to help do testing on this bug. I'll even make it all nice and neat and formal...

    -To Recreate This Bug-
    1) You need to have transformation wear off anytime during the swinging animation of the grappling hook.

    -Effects of the Bug-
    1) In all scenarios, your grappling hook animation will be canceled, and you will be unable to use grappling hooks for the remainder of the raid (GAME-BREAKING).
    2) In all scenarios, you will end up on an invisible platform where you are allowed to move and perform ordinary actions.
    3) Depending on when in the swinging animation that your transformation wears off, you will be on a different elevation but will be able to attack the boss if it is within range.
    4) Also dependent on when your grappling animation cancels, you may not have complete control of movement; you will experience a sort of ice-skating mechanic and encounter invisible, undefined boundaries.

    -Work Around Attempts-
    1) Even if you are able to avoid being hit by the boss long enough to perform a successful "/escape", you will not be placed back on normal ground elevation (only slightly above it), and you can still experience the movement symptoms described in #4 above.
    2) Upon dying, you will sometimes fall back to normal ground elevation. Upon revival, you will no longer experience the movement symptoms described in #4 above, but you still won't be able to use your grappling hook.
  • SirRFISirRFI
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    This was mentioned in KR patch notes several times, including latest one.