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Weapon range fusion question

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in Lann
So looking at a lot of the lvl 90 spear Lanns, everybody either has the Raider spears or Blood lancers fused. My question is about the advantage it gives. Is it that big of an advantage in range to use those spears and will i be handicapped if i fuse any other spears? Or is it a minimal advantage and i should just fuse whatever spears i want.


  • RaijinnRaijinn
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    The difference isn't too big. Here's a link to the weapon range chart if you wanna have a look at it. The only time I really see it mattering is when you're using your attacks to maneuver around a boss, in which case weapon reach would help.
  • ikeviikevi
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    A couple things.

    1) Most folks have a couple of premium weapon fuzion runes, so it is no issue to fuze your weapon after you boomed it.
    2) Once you manage a +15, not much else to do but make it the best you can.
    3) After going from polmain => madness fuze I really noticed the length difference. (So jumping a distance of ~10 let my MS hit regina when she is flying, glas was easier to crit off of, iset to find, etc.) Going from madness to Bloodlancer didn't give me as much of a difference, but I just wanted a different look. (You could hit Kraken tents + head with Bloodlancer more, but that was about it.)
    4) I still haven't bothered to fuze my regina TS even though infinity has almost a large length increase. For swords the only real nice thing with extra length is being able to catch a crit and glid to keep up with the boss.

    I find I stick to bosses closer on swords so it doesn't matter much. And since you glide so much with swords, you can reach things easier.

    On spears you just use MS or hurricane much more so the extra length just tends to help out more.
  • misakamisakamisakamisaka
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    The difference honestly isn't too big. It's only if you started with extremely short spears and you change to medium sized ones where you really notice a drastic difference.
  • SefSef
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    If you can fuse it do it.

    At the widest point on sudden shock with Lancers you can hit as far away as you can glide (with a medium height lann). Definitely worth it.