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Time chaser bug w/Sylas

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edited July 7, 2017 in Bug Reporting
Trying to Fuse the Stats of Terminus Sentinel Chest to the Looks of Time Chaser chest. End result is only fusing the dyes. Looks is bugged to still show up as previously fused Majesty chestpiece.

http://puu.sh/wDTai/1ec813cb54. - Premium Fusion Rune

http://puu.sh/wDTdq/f924485cf9.jpg - Permabound Terminus Sentinel chest fused to Majesty chest

http://puu.sh/wDTfJ/21bb4d9b30.jpg - Event gifted Time Chaser chest to fuse looks onto Terminus Sent. chest

http://puu.sh/wDTj1/872675caa5.jpg - Preview of results after fusion

http://puu.sh/wDTql/b331661190.jpg - Preview picture of fusion results