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How to use new buff for maximum DPS?

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in Arisha
Was wondering with the new buff in the latest patch, when is the best time to convert SP to mana for high DPS rotation? Should it be when Ruin Blade and Counter Drain are on cooldown?


  • EntropyKnightEntropyKnight
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    Counter Drain is still the preferred option in most cases, I've found. The only real stipulation is Ruin Blade; if it's available, it's going to be the highest burst-dps option you have, but I've found that doing an SP Swap right before going into Ruin Blade tends to maximize cooldown efficiency (being that you have SPS cooling down while you're out of SP anyway).

    That said? I honestly don't use Ruin Blade that much at all anymore and my DPS/solo runtimes are still better than pre-patch. Hope it helps +best
  • TsiiiTsiii
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    TLDR, use everything the moment it's off cooldown. Post patch, she is now limited by stamina more so than she is by mana.
  • kuroReiskuroReis
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    Okay thank you! I'll prioritize Counter Drain but more often than not will use everything off cooldown
  • HallyHally
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    I use it on cooldown. She still has more SP than she can ever use if you don't make many mistakes.