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Make new loading screen splashes

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I think we're overdue for some new loading screen images. We used to get new ones for almost every sale and event, but we've had the same 3 images there for a very long time now. Did you know there are 4 slots for loading splashes, and 2 of them are being used for the same cash shop item? There are so many useful items, new and old, that could be plugged in that adspace that people see every time they transition to a new area, and those opportunities are being wasted. The brynn system and ap shop ones are helpful, but a bit oudated. We've had new npc shops and complex gear upgrading systems added since these images stopped updating - why not point them out for the new guys who don't know where everything is yet? The game doesn't have permanent tutorial dialogue for a lot of things that it should, and the loading splashes are a perfect place for that!

Even if you don't have the resources to produce new ones, that's a perfect idea for a new forum contest. If it sounds like something too biased towards experienced photoshop users, you can select winners based on concept and just touch up the entries that win to the same standard that of the current splashes when you're able to.


  • BloodAngelBloodAngel
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    Bumping for you because this is a good idea. Everything about this is perfect. Skill awakenings, material synthesis, item composite are all things that should have a splash screen, and content wise ein lacher, abyssal arena, and the latest s3 battle so in this case eochaid could be showcased. And the tooltips should be changed too and not so class specific like there was the one about evie using flying sparrow to set herself up in combat. Why not do something not common knowledge to newer players like once you reach 99 proficiency in your smithing and pass the test or apprenticeship then you can dismantle items and craft element stones to infuse with at videks house in malina or whatever? Still a great idea man