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Returning player needs help!

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Hello everyone!
Sorry if it is the 135203842 same posts here around the forum. :(
So, I am a returning player - as the title says - and I remade a new character (a staffie Evie). I am a bit confused, since before the game was different: I just hit the 60 and I knew I had to gear up, but also I saw that I cant do raids and other stuff like Keaghan, so my main question is: Do I have to complete storyline and get the equipment from it? Also, what about the final gear? Do I have to craft it like the old Black Pearl set?
Sorry for being such a newbie and thanks in advance for the answers!


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    Your best bet is to stick with the story -- not only to level up -- but the maps will drop gear. You can use that gear until you reach 90. The game will give you free +10 enchanted 90 gear. Whatever gold/seals you've saved up you can use towards purchasing 90 orange gear or other end game stuff. I do not suggest crafting. It is a lot easier with the changes to the crafting recipes, however, completely unnecessary because the maps drop weapons/armor/accessories. Just resell those mats for gold.
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    Thanks for the tips!