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Ideal height for Evie?

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edited November 26, 2016 in Evie
I play staff now, but eventually I will be playing scythe more. What's a good height? Does height really influence speed?
  1. Best height for hybrid Evie?42 votes
    1. Short
       60% (25 votes)
    2. Mediun
       31% (13 votes)
    3. Tall
       10% (4 votes)


  • SylariusSylarius
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    I play minimum height on all of my characters. AFAIK, people have said the difference between min and max height is 6-12 attack speed (can't remember which # it is, I think it's 12).

    Generally in PvE, you're trying to swing and dodge quickly in between the bosses's attacks rather than spacing yourself so you're hitting at the very max range of your skills. So IMO, attack speed is better, the extra reach will hardly matter.

    In PvP it's debatable, in boat PvP for some chars max height is better because it becomes a spacing war, however boat PvP died awhile ago and I'm not sure about arena. (In arena spacing matters less and speed matters more, I think).

    I also just like having all my characters short. I'm not sure whether max height affects Staff Evie's range, but even if it did I would still prefer min height for the attack speed.

  • elcausaelcausa
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    I think is worth mentioning with staff is that the range and attack speed can make your spells hit air, it happens with certain speed, and it depends on range,(height and staff range) so keep that in mind, ex a shortest height 30 atspd is fine 35 att spd spells fail a lot, 38 is fine again while a mid height 30 might miss a lot 35 be fine 38 be fine, this is just an example not that it happens at those speeds. and it seems to happen more often at shortest height when not using a joyous crook
  • dazedgumballdazedgumball
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    Short Evie is best Evie.

    It makes her that much cuter.