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What's new my Karok brethren?

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in Karok
How are the Broroks holding up nowadays?

I probably haven't played or payed attention to Vindictus much at all in the past ~2-3 years.

What's up?


  • AtherionAtherion
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    He's become a lot more fun after the latest revamp, Pillar in particular. Still don't see many Karoks around although there are those dedicated few players you see frequently.
  • TankDonutsTankDonuts
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    edited November 26, 2016
    Indeed. The revamp has certainly made the character more fun, but little still play him. One or two may mosey along, if you are lucky.
  • ShizukaaShizukaa
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    You probably don't know this, but whales will soon take over the server. It's only a matter of time before every class will wield a giant whale pillar :^)