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[EU]Did anyone else know about this or its just me

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I open this thread because I tired already. After the update all оf us know that it was impossible to play, but after fixing it already enjoys the game. But I can't say the same when I play with my Vella Twin sword. I can share what my last night's impressions are. I just want to mention that I only play Neamhain. And what happened. I played 3 parties with 3 different hosts. While in the first two cases everything seemed good
... at the third party, these shits began to happen again. 10-7 bars were ok but 7-5 bars were terrible. Crosscut stopped working properly and every time hits me when i dodge. I stopped resisting with potions and succubus fang because I was tired. Of course I surrendered and I died. I waited for 8 minutes, and when I was revived, it looked like everything was working properly. I share this because I'm tired already and it happens quite often. I just never know if they will hit me or not. Just i use crosscut and wait what will happened. I want to say I'm pretty experienced player who goes there with 5 different characters and I know how to play my Vella. Sorry for my bad english :D :D


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    Idk, here or there i still have some failed xcuts, or random hits, which arent supposed to be there on my own host. im just suspecting that multi is still not as stable as it was before rise and the eu lag happened.
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    Tomorrow I will play and if I have problems I will say again

    Edit: tonight 3 crap games :'(
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    only xcut? i decided to have an oreo when this kind of stuff happens, now they call me fatty.