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Compilation bugs: Rise Update + Dullahan Update

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Rise Update bugs
  1. Multi Process: This option is a cancer for some people.
    1.1. Issue: It brings problems with the connection in the host causing the player to have problems using his character due to lag,. A lag which does not depend on the player's internet, this lag is caused by having activated the multi process when creating a paty.
    1.2. Possible solution: Remove the default trigger multi process because the lazy people create the party and don't turn off it. The theory of the multi process is to improve the fps so that the Host can support the party members; but multi process has nothing to do with the internet connection and in this case worsening latency.
    1.3. Tests: There are images and 2 videos which show animation errors and problems with latency. As they are several images I will give the link of the album
    Album imgbb.com -> https://ibb.co/album/fsT9ka

    Video Youtube ->

    Sword Vella's Cross cut (old test bug reporting) -> forums.vindictus.nexon.net/discussion/comment/38485/#Comment_38485

Dullahan Update Bugs
  1. Engine Error: It happens frequently when playing inside a dungeon or raid. It has never happened to me in other places. The game stops and when closing the small window the game closes immediately.
    1.1. Reference images: So far I only save 5 images
    Album imgbb.com -> https://ibb.co/album/mJWk8v

  2. Crazy bug: I have no idea what happened here, happened when i join to Royal Army Raid -> Elchulus
    1.1. Reference images: There are 15 pictures
    Album imgbb.com -> https://ibb.co/album/jQUAQa

Important Notes: It is not a problem of the files of my game because I already download/install the game again and also check with the "repair installation" in Nexon Launcher, neither the problem of my internet because I still have the same internet since 2015.

I want you to keep this in mind as you are not able to play peacefully and with so many times that the game closes daily and the connection failures caused by the multi process makes me consider not playing for a lot of time.

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    After reading a little about other problems I have come to several conclusions +wink:
    1. I believe that the problem of arms and weapons does not depend on the connection and does not affect much the gameplay, then there is not much problem.
    2. The madness of: "Crazy bug" Is something funny, there is not much problem but it is good to keep in mind
    3. So the only thing that matters to me is the failure of the cross cut and the multi process and thanks to this phrase
      Aquasol wrote:
      As for issues being fixed, that typically falls on the devs to patch and implement, and may or not not be that simple(there is no "fix it" button, and sometimes fixing one thing breaks three other things), so some fixes may take time.

      I will be more patient +shy +cry +sigh +coffee