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July 27, 1990
  • Fatigue System - Ideas on ways to recover

    200% would be too much... then we won't have to use pots, ever...
    Nokaubure wrote: »
    People already said thousands of times to remove it (me included) so gonna do like the topic creator, take a different route, and add stuff to improve it:

    - Make all people refill up to 200% fatigue instead of 100% each day
    - Make beds have daily cooldown instead of 24h
    - Reduce fatigue on battle clear, not battle enter
    - Remove fatigue consumption on guild dungeon
    - Lower fatigue consumption of 90 raids to 5%, and 95 raids to 8%
    - Make each level up refill 10% fatigue / give 1 potion so leveling alts is much easier (99 level ups = 990% extra fatigue)
    - Add 1 fatigue potion for 500 AP in AP shop, daily cd
    - Add 1 fatigue potion for 10 triumph medals, no cd (would make PvP more active)

    200% would be too much... then we won't have to use pots, ever... 150% would be nice, other suggestions I love :D and I totally agree with you.
  • The Fatigue System

    This system will only make prices go up so that only whales can afford to buy something. People have started kicking from redeemers and raids if you are not strong enough. I have never seen that before. Not to mention lack of people that have stopped playing because of this.
    Not to mention stupid rest in the guild house is so retarded it resets 24h after the last time you've used it, not when server restarts (like everything else)
  • Token/Fatigue System.

    I understand Koran servers have this, but we are not on a Korean server. We don't have that many players and when we reach 0% fatigue, we just stop playing and what is with other people that need help with raids. Not all of us can solo them.
    This will only make prices even higher (because the drop rate of scrolls and materials SUCKS) and waiting in queue for people to join even longer. Nothing more.