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July 27, 1990


  • [Season 4 Prologue: Remembrance] 1. It's nice to see more of the story, but it's taking too long... this game is 10 or more years old and we don't have much of the story. Also music and voice volume is unbearable. 2. They should put voice volume …
  • 200% would be too much... then we won't have to use pots, ever... Nokaubure wrote: » People already said thousands of times to remove it (me included) so gonna do like the topic creator, take a different route, and add stuff to improve it: - Mak…
  • I must say that I don't agree with these small events... they suck and so do the rewards (except for the dice, giving us pots and all). Male characters got a stupid helmet... all other rewards are female oriented (not counting consumable items). The…
  • This system will only make prices go up so that only whales can afford to buy something. People have started kicking from redeemers and raids if you are not strong enough. I have never seen that before. Not to mention lack of people that have stoppe…
  • Chakram or cards would be cool
  • I understand Koran servers have this, but we are not on a Korean server. We don't have that many players and when we reach 0% fatigue, we just stop playing and what is with other people that need help with raids. Not all of us can solo them. This w…
  • I don't care how many potions they give us. If you are going to give us potions why bother giving the fatigue system at all. Oh wait, of course, for the money. I can't even do daily things anymore unless I use a potion, not to mention do 30 dailies…
  • Today it crashed more than 10 times for me. They did something during the last update and now it crashes all the time.
  • Nvm, if you just type "Rein" with capital R it shows up... wp wp...