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Fatigue System - Ideas on ways to recover


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    Kurs wrote: »

    Wait didn't they already make a first dungeon and boss battle for season 4?

    Yes they did and while the concept of a raid that feels like a seige in a wide area is a novel concept the actual meat of the game the progression has not changed and in fact has regressed.
    Usually games offer QOL and ease of progression to the new equips but not vindi you now get minimum stat rolls on lv105 and even more outrageous reforge costs.
    Are they just expecting no one to upgrade to 105 cuz to me it looks like a skip gear level.
    To me from what we've seen with ceaser and now episode 2 we are just gonna get worse astera progression with rehashed s2 maps as filler.
    Would it kill them to mix up the formula because astera was honestly the most boring gear level we've had up to date and 105 looks to continue that trend.