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Any staffies get this as well after a Lag spike?

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in Evie
This happens to me a few times as a staff evie, if the host or me lags, Evie will he hold her staff incorrectly and model will be bent over. There is no issue will smashes or normal but it does effect the aim on the Rage Conductor laser, like it will be pointing to the ground or something. Usually it will fix it self upon death but ...death is scary and inconvenient to party members.


  • RiceMonsterRiceMonster
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    Holding staff incorrectly and bent over...don't think I've seen that before. Do you have a picture?
  • PhoebeHalliwelPhoebeHalliwel
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    Happens to me in royal armys sometimes. When ppl join all togheter and it freezes for a while -.- .. never happened anywhere else though.
  • RhilinRhilin
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    I think it happens to all character, Displacement of weapons floating at a lenght from the arm. Happens to my Scythie and Arisha as well.
  • AnthonytonyboyAnthonytonyboy
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    5:04 to 5:40, should solve the problem, keep do this trick until they fix it :v
  • ErinieIErinieI
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    Dunno about you but I don't find bending that bad tbh..
    Pupper is extra bonus