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Flying guilotine 1 mark instead of 2

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in Lynn
Happens too much recently. You hit the boss with flying guillotine but only 1 mark apply. Most noticeable while fighting Lugh, Regina, Braha, Habident, Glass, Neam & Neit.

For me it looks like they changed something (with range or skills hitboxes). Flying guillotine gives dmg 2 times, if it's enhanced one the first dmg is normal (used to be ~500 pre-rise unable to crit) and second is gold. I assume that each of those gives 1 mark so if I see golden dmg numbers and only 1 mark applied then probably the first part of flying guillotine missed. Pre rise there I haven't notice any time when I would see golden dmg numbers with only 1 mark. After rise it happens so frequently, even if you are hugging boss.

Wanted to ask if you noticed the same problem.