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Lynn's attacks misses

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in Bug Reporting
Lynn's attack miss even if you are touching a boss:
You can't be any closer to the boss and perform "little rat" but sometimes no dmg or buff appears.
Flying guillotine hits the target (dmg shown) but only 1 mark apply.
After performing a fishtail pole you can hear piercing sound of your attack but no dmg or marks. Same with killing dart. (most noticeable while fighting Braha or Neit)
Paladin spear skill disappears right after using sometimes and gives no dmg even if you are near the boss. (As if it would hit the ground)
Using long armed devil (full 3 attacks) the 2nd or 3rd attacks sometimes fully miss (resulting in only 2 marks instead of 3 + less dmg) even if you are hugging the boss...

I would like to provide videos too but seems like shadowplay (only for vindi) became bugged after recent patch (it's watchable but not enjoyable).


  • VladinoVladino
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    Repaired the broken recording so here it is:
    Flying guillotine misses ->
    also with little rat miss here

    total miss

    Zero dmg from 2nd part of guillotine

    Fisrt part of guillotine miss

  • VladinoVladino
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    Killing dart miss

    Iron Flag miss

    Fishtail Pole miss

    Little Rat miss

    LAD (long armed devil) miss
  • SunrisePDISunrisePDI
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    Same here, this example is just simple kicking kobolds but it has a clear effect that the 2nd kobold dont take damage at the first kick, but surely hear the hit sound and effects animation. If the kobold attempt to hit you and ya kick them right with no dmg his attack still wont be canceled and hits you.

    some what the game mis judge the hit boxes?