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Does anyone actually like PVP?

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in PVP Discussion
Be honest; is it fun enough to keep playing without becoming extremely bored to death? Would it entice newbies to continue further in this game?
  1. What are your current views on PVP?33 votes
    1. It's a complete waste of time
       70% (23 votes)
    2. It's ok but could be improved
       30% (10 votes)
    3. It's perfect; nothing needs to be changed
       0% (0 votes)


  • DyuDyu
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    "It's a complete waste of time"
    Just like watching anime or playing any game in the end. If something is fun is fun. Sure, tradeable artifacts would be awesome if it was a thing amirite?
  • ZeroheartZeroheart
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    PVP is not that enjoyable since it requires many people to do free match or siege (Yet rise reduce raid fight but not this?). Also a lot of character imbalance and people just juggling other people or Kai that run away shooting making it almost impossible to touch him. The artifacts use to be tradable when they come out. wish we could trade between own account. I have a cat and greater cat but can not give it to my alts. Give us an option to sell back for seals !!!
  • BeepBeepImAJeepBeepBeepImAJeep
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    Nah, people are toxic there. They blame you for spamming a certain move/mechanic, while they spam their own. It's a den of hypocrites.
    I used to go pvp to play with friends, but since most of them left the game and i got capped triumph seals... there are no reasons for me to go Arena/Siege/Deathmatch.
    Pvp could return being a busy place if artifacts become tradable again.
  • DrachusDrachus
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    When you actually learn PvP in Vindictus it becomes more appealing. If you play PvP like you'd play PvE you're probably not gonna find any fun in it because you'd be losing most of your matches. But yes, there is a lot to be worked on when it comes to it. The whole idea of it is great, a PvP which is based on you predicting your opponents moves is what makes it interesting, however the execution of it is rather poor.
  • V0lterixV0lterix
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    I do PVP at any opportunity because of a lack of things to do otherwise. Over 7 months I spent several million, possibly hundreds, on megaphones to start Free match or Siege. 9/10 times on west, I was in any given multi pvp match.
  • AtherionAtherion
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    V0lterix wrote: »
    I do PVP at any opportunity because of a lack of things to do otherwise. Over 7 months I spent several million, possibly hundreds, on megaphones to start Free match or Siege. 9/10 times on west, I was in any given multi pvp match.

    10/10, you stop cause of a 7k crit from yours truly c:
  • NuclearChickenNuclearChicken
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    I do enjoy aarena from time to time, I mean... if someone is even there
  • Arrow95Arrow95
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    edited July 9
    There's always room for improvement, doesn't mean it is so bad it is unplayable, just keep in mind pvp is different from pve the way dodges work and you regen stam slower, so it takes a bit of time to get used to it.
  • DrusaDrusa
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  • MrGattoMrGatto
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    I would rather go back to the 12+ years old 'pvp' game I've used to play than to bother with Vindi pvp,even that stoneage shet had better pvp than this,lol.
  • FeeFee
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    The game is not really meant for pvp. Certain characters have a significant advantage over others, and fiona is the least interesting to play in the pvp scenario.
    Kai is not fun to fight against, and it's just not that fun in my opinion overall. Not to mention I rarely ever see anyone trying to actually pvp seriously, and those who do are king of the rats and act like they're Gods in a game where pvp is already not prioritized or even generally played much.

    I HIGHLY doubt any new user would come to this game for the pvp experience. Just what I think tho.
  • DollfieDollfie
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    edited July 15
    Used to, when players could do the balancing on their own.

    Continued up until it turned into a grabbing fest.

    Now I am intimidated by all the OP players.
  • Order5Order5
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    The rewards like artifacts are even more reasons as to why no one likes PVP. Most people grind and grind seals just to get these artifacts to use in PVE; it's a chore that makes PVP even more despised as opposed to making it more enjoyable.
  • kuuraiHotarukuuraiHotaru
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    PvP is only fun if you play with others around your skill level.
  • SefSef
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    I used to PvP a lot. I had 5k wins by the time I quit and was fairly decent at swords and spears. Over time though it just got more and more infuriating with each match I played.
    Grabs missing at point blank but at other times teleporting me a good distance to my opponent, enemy attacks completely ignoring my dodge, my attacks not hitting someone who clearly isn't dodging and is very clearly in range, my attacks not registering on my opponent who is LITERALLY right in my face clipping with my character and isn't in any form of invulnerability etc etc you get the picture.

    So I quit.