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  • Fatigue System - Ideas on ways to recover

    Kurs wrote: »
    For me, it's not about having a positive attitude it's about trying to look at the whole picture, not being restricted to old habits, or stereotypes and assumptions or lack of knowledge.

    But you are refusing to see any of the negativity, so that's actually limiting you from seeing more than half the picture. The fact is, that your refusal to consider the negative is stopping you long before you are even able to see (and therefore logically consider) the picture as a whole. Basically, you are working from the bias of an assumption that people all have good intentions. As much as I and most others wish this were true, it is a simple fact that that is far from the truth, and far from realistic.

    And again, having a positive attitude towards being mistreated only puts a "kick me" sign on your back. Assuming everyone who works for nexon has good intentions is unwise at best. They are humans just like us, and some humans do have ill intentions, that is simply a fact of life. If it were not a fact, we wouldn't have war, murder, and theft etc etc. In fact, nexon has a bad reputation for a reason, because their track record is worse than average.

    Not saying there are good and wonderful, even perhaps wise people working for nexon, but wise people get fired from jobs all the time for making too much sense. The human ego (although necessary for us to survive) often takes one far beyond being even reasonable, let alone keeping good intentions.

  • You're going down a path I can't follow

    Wilko wrote: »
    Worst part of the fatigue system is they didn't give me back my tokens.

    Fatigue or Token. Only the name has changed. They tried this already and literally everyone hated it.

    I was about to log on this morning after maintenance. Then I read they added the fatigue/token system back. So I closed the launcher and played a different game.

    When they added the Guild Point System, I was so mad at them and have since spent literally every day of my life doing dailies to keep my guild family happy. Because of their short-sightedness and sheer stubborn indifference, I have for 2 years now been doing dailies each day on a dozen characters.

    And so I say to you nextcon: if this succeeds in finally destroying my guild after I have fought your idiotic guild point system every day now for 2 years, you will never see me again.