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  • Things you DON'T know about Abomination

    1. What do you think about Abomination's stage mechanic? The bell and breaking down the ceiling, Do you think it's magic? Well nope! You see ringing that bell and the ceiling is actually modern Science! How you might ask? Well for the bell it's very powerful destructive sound wave. No not just Justin Bieber's voice...you can use high frequency to break objects! Ringing that bell in game weakens and break his barrier after three tries but that's a exaggeration of high frequency. If that bell is powerful enough to break a super barrier from a mutant our own flesh might not be so lucky. Taking in to accounts of how much defense abomination have with the barrier then compares it to our weapon damage and our defense, ringing that bell even once should crush our organs before we even let go on the chain hook. Not to mention how close we are to that bell!

    2. Since 1 is a paragraph I'm going to make 2 separate. breaking down the ceiling and exposing sunlight to Abomination. Do you ever go out and take a look of all the dead snails and worms on your side walk? Of course not or else you won't be reading this. Well those insects are essentially miniature version of Abomination! You see every morning like from 6-8 AM the morning dew is present making it nice and comfortable for the snails and worms to go hunting or for a walk. However after that time sun comes up and the snails and worms who are still playing would be cooked dry under the sun. Their mucus which helps with hydration and movement would be gone leaving them to be "Help I've fallen and can't get up" Same thing happens to abomination but enough about him time to talk about the player's downside. We're gonna be cook along with him if that sun can dry up that barrier LOL our body is 60% liquid our blood would be boiling before we can even get him to x1!

    3. Abomination's appearance, might just be a genetic trait that helps with getting food or paralyze foe's with fear when you see him.

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