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Looking for guild and maybe old friends!

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So i'm a real fossile coming back to game from on and off times. I used to play Fiona b the name of Blindie a while ago. I just started on European server and seems like all of my characters and things are sort of gone, BUT i'm gonna still try a new start and see what new and old i can find in vindictus. I used to lead few guilds, used to belong in few guilds, but most of all i used to have lots of friends and good moments here, so...

Looking for active guild and maybe a chance to reunite with some old friends!!!



  • DexkillDexkill
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    Add me Fireflower I'm also a fossil from beta +wink
  • ShunsuiShunsui
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    Apply to Shinpei, I'm also a reborn fossil from the beta( new account though steam money ftw )