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Unification Celebration Events

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We have a pair of big events to help celebrate the new unified Vindictus service! Keep playing Vindictus for the next month for huge bonuses every week and plenty of rewards, featuring a set of wings and a brand new Teddybear backpack, and get huge bonuses and prizes every day with the Unification Super Week Event!
Unification Super Weeks Event

The Unification Super Weeks are four weeks full of so many buffs and giveaways it's almost hard to keep track! First, every day you login you'll earn a Super Week Daily Gift containing 300 AP and different rewards for every level gap, including Completion EXP Boost Potions for those yet to reach level 90 and Seals of Bravery for those that have reached their peak.

Logging in on the weekend will grant a bonus wealth of prizes, with massive AP capsules, powerful runes, mysterious shards and even a coupon that will boost a piece of gear to at least +10! You'll also get Super Week Tickets that can be exchanged for Permanent Inner Armor Coupons, Premium Enhancement and Enchant Runes, Gear Protection Runes and more!


That's not all, of course. All week long, two sets of buffs will be running strong, one all day and the other for 6 hours in prime time, featuring Repair and Dye fee discounts, bonus Raid Departures and Evil Cores from bosses and even unlimited, free Goddess Grace revivals! There's a lot to go into, so check out the Unification Super Weeks below!

More info here: http://vindictus.nexon.net/news/20702/unification-celebration-events


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    Is it true that Super Week Tickets can be redeemed untill March 22nd?