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Belle Guidebook - Leveling

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in Guidebook to Belle
A quick and super simple guide to lvling Belle!

Going through the main storyline is the fastest way to leveling until lvl 70.
Once you've reached lvl 70, spam Season 2 bosses 5x.

Other options after reaching lvl 90:
Season 3 raids or Abyssal Arena with a party

-Skip the story dialogue by holding ctrl key
-Press 'esc' when prompted to skip cutscenes
-Activate vip for extra exp and +1 departure
-Use exp boosters (I typically use it when I start grinding in S2)

Lastly, use Belle's skill ZlRgoqm.png'Rushing River' to clear dungeons fast; activate by sprinting and holding right-click on mouse

IGN: Elle
Server: NA