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Guide to Blute Lynn

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edited August 29, 2018 in Lynn
Hello! I've been playing Blute Lynn since the day it was released and wrote up a guide based on observations I've made since then.

It contains info about:
- The Qi Bar
- Combos & Actives
- Dodging
- Skill Ranking Priority
- Tips & Tricks
- and more

I tried to keep it interesting for all Lynn players, new and experienced alike. My Lynn's name is RikkuShadow on the NA server - please feel free to let me know if there is anything I can add.

Hope it helps!

Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eDcZRec48ZhWvBEFpA2sGahaJP7MHfYe03TnOGJ4kRM/edit


  • RiceMonsterRiceMonster
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    Your guide is very detailed and comprehensible. A new umbrella player would learn a lot from this.
  • HailwicHailwic
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    edited November 29, 2018
    Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your hard work.

    Thank you!
  • AeropueAeropue
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    hi rikku im your biggest fan
  • IcyzIcyz
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    Hi, I am an old Lynn player but noob with Blute.

    Your guide is helping me a lot getting a faster grasp of the combat with this weapon as I would by myself. Thanks a lot for that,

    Also, you never mention the combination LLLLRL I love the animation of this combo but it does feel really crappy.
    There is no description about it and The last L needs SP to be used but I don't even know which skill it is in the end :s

    Thanks again for the guide :)
  • AltairShadowAltairShadow
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    edited March 15, 2019
    Icyz - Glad it's helping! About LLLLRL, I didn't mention it in its own section, but it was included in the bottom-left of the combo-tree in page 4 "Combos & Active Skills".
  • AlitaelAlitael
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    Using your guide to a question.
    Decided to get back on my Lynn and try the Bshade but im having some issue with the combo;
    i'm unable to do Spiked Ferule or Full Tilt Canopy anytime i have the prompt for them, do you need
    to do something in particular for them aside the prompt or holding R?
  • AltairShadowAltairShadow
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    Alitael - the Q or E buffs work by empowering the next attack, it doesn't happen by itself after pressing E or Q. You don't need to hold R.

    For example, if you input LLLR, there will be a prompt for Q and E if you have at least 1 Qi (or have Flower Power active). Immediately when the prompt appears, press E and then R and that last spinning kick will be empowered, showing yellow damage numbers. It works the same way if you want Q instead of E (it just won't show yellow numbers).

    If you're still leveling, make sure you've learned the 2nd smash skills too - these are the smashes that Spiked Ferule & Full Tilt Canopy are applied to (Bloom Storm, Fight and Flight, the [Active] skills, etc.)