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Redeemers: Dark Side of the Moon (Balor)

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This is placeholder thread while I am working on guide about the new redeemers, similar to Redeemers: Sea of Reflection (Neamhain). This is going to take a longer while to do - need to take good footage, so You can see the attacks clearly and tell them apart, then need to get better at the battle for general and Vella tips.

Current status: Recording footage

To not leave you empty handed, here's a short temporary video on how to avoid the fire wall:

• Make sure you are full sprint speed by the time you reach first wall
• Don't stay back too much - less room to manoeuvre
• Running backwards may help you save time
• Depending on your character, you may try dodging away the last wall
• Some SP skills can be used to become immune for the walls (like at Neamhain's gate)
• After getting hit once, you'll likely get hit by all remaining walls - using a potion then may save you, especially that it makes you slower (therefore increasing the time you're invincible)


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    Placeholder post.

    The first post will be for general information. This one on other hand - for patterns.
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    Another placeholder post.

    This one will hold template + Vella tips.

    You can upvote them ahead of time too!
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    The meteor move he does on foot is the cheapest thing on the planet. If you're a staffie and not buried in his armpits attacking him, you're guaranteed a death half the time. Just played a run and one use of that move wiped half our party.

    And the shockwave of little lines in a fan-shape has some BROKEN hitboxes. You can be clearly a foot away from a line and still get hit.
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    Battle phases summarized.

    10 bar - Balor will be on his horse and attacking with nonstop AoEs and energy waves.
    9 1/2 - 7 bar - Balor will get off his horse and start attacking. More AoEs and other bullshit moves.
    7 - 6 1/2 bar - Initially, Balor will do his "Make It Rain" move and start attacking on his horse again. He will occasionally do this attack where he'll disappear, then either have his horse stampede twice, him reappearing to attack a victim, or charge on his horse (three separate attacks), and then reappearing again and do his stamina drain AoE attack.
    6 1/2 - 3 1/2 bar - Get ready for OHKO and firewall spammage.
    3 1/2 to last bar - The most cancerous of all phases. If Balor hits you twice in a row, you automatically die as the horse will drag you out for an instant kill, creating a large AoE after.
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    My analysis on Balor
    General information
    Raid name: Redeemers: Dark Side of the Moon
    Atk cap: 33500
    Crit cap: 173 (178 for lann for +5 maximum crit)
    Crit resistance cap:147(Balor have 150 crit and minimum crit is 3%)
    def cap:21000(The atk of Balor is 24000 but def cap for now is 21000 for any characters)
    A circle arena without obstacle like Neamhain. The outer ring of the arena is where only Balor can get inside. The inner ring of the arena is where both players and Balor can be.
    I mainly use this video to showcase all the skill that Balor can use.

    Phase 1
    Balor will use his axe to smash on the ground and create a shockwave. Balor will use this skill once you enter the fight. A high chance that this skill will use twice.
    Shockwave and sunder and charged attack
    Balor spin and smash his axe to the ground and create a shockwave. Just after the shockwave, Balor do a sunder attack. Then he will charged to a player. To distinguish a shockwave and sunder and charged attack and normal shockwave just see if Balor spin or not. If he spins, it is shockwave and sunder and charged attack.
    4 hits
    A cleave attack is performed on the left. Then stop for a second. After that, a double cleave attack is performed on the right and stop for half a second. This combo finish with a stab on the back (a bit left) of Balor.
    Running 6 hits + attack with sunder/orbs
    Balor starts running and hit right, left, right, left, right and left. This combo ends with a melee attack that concurrently shot out 3 sunder in front of Balor (I will call this attack sunder in the following section). Any even attack in 6 hits can be ended and perform the finishing move or just stop. To distinguish whether the combo ends, look at Balor, if Balor spins his axe, then the 6 hits is considered ended. It is possible that 6 hits end with shooting orbs that give you a 0 stamina debuff.
    Running Shockwave + sunder *2 + orbs
    Balor starts running. The first attack is a slam attack with shockwave. The second attack is sunder from the right and the third is sunder from the left. The fourth move is Balor shots out 5 orbs towards players. If players hit by those orbs, a 5 seconds debuff that make the character’s stamina to 0. There is a chance where Balor stops his combo.
    Spinning and explosion
    Balor spins one time and shoots out a lot of orbs to the ground. Then target a player and shot those orbs to a player. When the orbs touch the ground, an explosive ground is created. The shiny ground will explode quickly after it created. These explosions have individual explosion time which decided after it touches the ground not explode at the same time.
    Surrounding explosion
    A ◎ shaped shiny ground is created and explode.
    Phase 2
    After Balor’s health drop to 85%, it is considered as phase 2. Balor will perform an exclusive move which slams the floor and creates a shockwave in the middle of the arena.
    Back cleave
    This attack will make your character falls to the ground. Like what you play in the succubus queen dream, you need to play a mini-game. If you cannot press E (the grab button in case you change your setup) in a circle of time (unlike mini-game succubus which have three circles of time), you will get hit by the following attack.
    After the normal hit, Balor’s slam the ground and creates a shockwave. This attack usually performs twice but it can be once only. Note that it is possible that, the first 2 and first 4 hit are skipped, and Balor just performs the last hit and shockwave only. There is no real indicator for 5 hit or 3 hit or 1 hit when the combo starts but you can just dodge the odd number of attacks to deal with this attack and the spin attack indicates the end of normal hit.
    3hit 7:55
    5hit 8:24
    1hit 8:40
    Similar to phase 1, 3 sunders will shoot out from the attack. This attack may be repeated twice meaning sunder*4. If he just do sunder twice then he may use charging prick with shiny explosive ground.
    Balor pricked twice,
    Charging Prick with shiny explosive ground
    Balor charges up his power pricks to a player and create multiple explosive ground. The ground then explode.
    Charging surrounding sunder
    Balor charges up his power, shoot out explosive orb (you will only get hit if you are far from Balor) and smashes the ground with the shoe of the axe. This creates 12 sunder surrounding Balor. The charging time is longer compared to prick and there is an orange orb in front of Balor. Note that the orbs will apply a debuff which drain your stamina to 0 for 5 seconds.
    Charging outer ring explosive ground and inner ring explosive ground
    Balor charges up his power and shoots multiple orbs surrounding him. Then, shoot another wave of orbs. Note that, the different between surrounding sunder is that the first wave of orbs shoot out and create the shiny ground before the shoe of the axe smash to the ground.
    Disappearing triple sunder
    Balor perform three sunder attack in a row. This combo may end with a fourth sunder and jumping shockwave during phase 4, 5. To distinguish this attack with 5hit+shockwave, the axe position is slightly higher than 5 hit+shockwave.
    Disappearing prick
    Balor flies to midair and pricks twice to a player and disappears. Then, Balor appears with a cleave attack and prick twice and disappears again. After that, Balor appears in front of a player and hit. This combo can have another variation where Balor do a spin attack and shockwave attack after two prick attack.
    Surrounding explosion and red strike
    A ◎ shaped shiny ground is created and explode. After that, he will target a player and smash on him/her. The striking is a red attack, so it is not possible to block and use the immortal time of dodging. Note that the explosion will apply a debuff which drain your stamina to 0 for 5 seconds.

    Charging auto-targeted explosive ground
    You will only be targeted by this attack when you take a certain distance from Balor. An explosive ground will be created 4 times under the target. There is a time difference between the first 2 explosions and the third, fourth explosion.
    Phase 3
    After Balor’s health drop to 70%, it is considered as phase 3. All the moves are the same to phase 1 with one starting exclusive move for this phase and one extra move. (Only time that is enough to repair the equipment)
    Balor jumps in midair and shoots out a lot of orbs that created shiny grounds. The shiny ground will explode, and this explosive is a red attack, so it is not possible to block and use the immortal time of dodging. This attack only performed once.
    Disappearing attack and Surrounding explosion
    Balor starts running and disappear.
    There are 2 variations of the following moves:
    The horse appears and charges to a player. (maybe appears with Balor if Balor appears in the first time)
    Balor appears and cleaves. Then charges twice.
    After either move in above is performed twice, Balor together with the horse appears again and performs a surrounding explosive.
    To distinguish these moves, a darker red aura is Balor and the one without is a charged attack.
    I include multiple clips so you can see different variations.
    Phase 4
    After Balor’s health drop to 65%, it is considered as phase 4. When enter this phase, Balor will have a very high chance to cast the firewall.
    The pattern of the firewall is shown in the png. I suggest boost up your character so your character can run quicker. The route is left, middle, left, middle, middle, right. Note that the separation of the last two firewall is shorter than others. Therefore, you may need to jump to dodge the last firewall. Do not panic in between the first few walls and stop sprinting and use down button to transition between left and right instead of up button.
    After the firewall, he will rest for a while and disappear to do a cleave attack.
    Surrounding explosion and disappearing prick and shockwave
    The starting move is very similar to disappearing prick but the following combo is different. Balor flies to midair and do his surrounding explosion. To distinguish this move with normal surrounding explosion, just notice if it has camera lock or not. Note that this move unlike the explosion when Balor is riding his horse, this explosion will hit twice. After the explosion, he pricks twice. Balor won’t disappear if he chooses to use this combo. He then cleaves and slams the ground twice which will concurrently create shockwave. After that, he will appear in front of a player once again and cleave and vanish. Moreover, he appears and spins. At last, he will stand still for about 5 seconds. Note that the explosion will apply a debuff which drain your stamina to 0 for 5 seconds. All the damage after the surrounding explosion including the shockwave will trigger a brutality and make your character to death.
    Phase 5
    After Balor’s health drop to 35%, it is considered as phase 5.
    Nothing different from Phase 5. But if you get hit by Balor, you will get a 35 seconds debuff. With this debuff, if a hit that will apply this debuff is successfully done to you, you will be dragged outside of the arena by the horse and die. This create a big shockwave. Note that this debuff is indicated by an orange aura and not all the moves can apply the debuff.
    Known move that won’t apply debuff.
    Back cleave
    Shockwave (hit by the shockwave, not the axe)
    Sunder (hit by the sunder, not the axe)