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[Event] Independence Day Event

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Starting Date: July 4th (07:00 AM UTC)
Ending Date: July 5th (07:00 AM UTC)

To commemorate the historic day of independence, we have prepared the American Flag Hat for all of you. Simply hop into Vindictus on the 4th of July (from 7/4 07:00 to 7/5 07:00 (UTC)) and receive the reward in your mailbox! You can receive on per account and it will be tradeable! Though, keep in mind that it will expire after 7 days in your inbox.


  • TheDayInLoveTheDayInLove
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  • ElynsaElynsa
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    Logged into all my characters and did not receive a hat in the mail on any of them.
  • ikeviikevi
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    edited July 4
    Yep, even this one is glitched. (Not that I need a third+ flag hat...) It is currently 5:48 pm UTC on 7/4 so it "should" be in our mailboxes.
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    The same goes for me. It's 2 days (yesterday before the reset and today), but nothing.
  • YumerieYumerie
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    Why didn't you do one for Canada Day on the 1st? It was Canada's Independence Day. Having said that I don't want a Canadian Flag Hat lol
  • BownerBowner
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    we didnt get the hat
  • RumbleRumble
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    we didnt get the hat