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-Senkei- Recruitment is open!

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Hello and Welcome!
This is the official page of the Europe server guild: Senkei

Recruitment status is: OPEN

We are currently recruiting players who wish to join an experienced guild that runs raids and other dungeons actively.

A few guidelines if you wish to join:

-2500 Additional Damage (ADD) Minimum.
-Actively playing the game
-Participate in the collection of GP (Guild points)
-Be friendly, don't engage in shady activities, don't offend others.
-Join with your main character you play the most.

There are daily raids being hosted, redeemers, farming.
If you need any advice, you can always ask the other members. We have a variety of veteran members.
You have access to guild storage. (Try not to fill it up with anything useless.)
You may join with your alts if your main character is in the guild.

If you think you are good fit and wish to join the Home of the Brave, do not hesitate to contact one of the following administrators.

Guild Leader: Syklon
Administrators: Asumi , Nocatia , LivRob