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Lann glides dmg

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Hello everyone! There is something really weird with my glides.. more specifically the dmg i think is lower than it should be.
Here are some videos with lanns that have less stats than me and add dmg but still doing a lot more dmg.
First video:
The guy have: 90bal, 75speed, 149crit, 2000 add and 300 limit att remove
Glides dmg: 32K and 26-27k lightning one

Second video:
The guy have: 79bal, 73speed, 154crit, 3500 add and 300 limit att remove
Glides dmg: 45k and 33-35 lightning one . fanning slash: 50k+/-

And not only these videos i also talked with some lanns in game and their glides/attacks seems more powerfull than me even with lower or similar gear.

My stats:
86bal, 71speed, 148crit, 4300k add and 0 limit att remove
Glides dmg: 30-32k and 24-26 lightning one, fanning slash around 35k


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    Both are using damage pots... I don't know why they like to use them in solos that only last ~15 min, but folks love to use those no longer available damage pots. (Many of us are sitting on ~100 pots, but I only used 2 for an event over the last 7 + years.)