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Speculation/Foreshadowing after Dullahan

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Spoilers for Season 3, Chapter 2, Episode 3
Chicol tells you, after defeating Lugh, that you must obey him when the time comes for you to claim the Remnant of the Goddess. So after you defeat Dullahan, Riordan decides to ruin your plans and take the remnant for investigation and eventual delivery to the Bishop of the Pontiff's Court. I won't go into too much detail with the dialogue, but I do have speculations about what might happen.

1. Do you go after Riordan to claim the remnant back from him? Will something happen to Riordan later? Will the corrupt Pontiff's Court end up claiming the power of Elchulus? I sense some divine intervention is going to take place to influence who gets the Remnant of the Goddess. Chicol did ask you to obey him when the time comes for you to use that power, and he did explain what the remnant does and that it is a path to Erinn (The true Erinn? Not the one we saw in Chapter 10?).

2. Ronaun said that he wanted to rule a kingdom, beyond the Pontiff's reach and is willing to use you to reach that goal. I'm assuming he's a good man, but is there a possibility that he will backstab his brother, Riordan, to get what he wants?

Let's have a discussion of what might happen in future episodes. :)


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    Just rewatched Lugh's death and Cichol only says that he asks for you to obey him when the time comes. He did not mention anything about the Remnant so I'm assuming it will be whenever the path of the hero is at it's end namely facing Elchulus. Remnant of the Goddess (Morrighan's) do not hold Elchulus power but I assume that we will have to take it back for our own cause with Brynn and Muir which would lead to the summoning of Morrighan and maybe Cichol since both feathers have the power to do so.

    Also thanks to some CN vindi players I learned that the current Neamhain is a failed reaincarnation (it's said in their version of the translations) and that in the future she will transfer her power to a vessel and have a complete reincarnation like Morrighan. So maybe the end of S3 will have Seanna sacrificing herself for Neamhain? Or maybe Ceara for Macha? Since we already saw Macha has a thing for redheads.
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    I speculated that all gods needed a human vessel, so it's interesting that see that that was why she was an "incomplete goddess". Regarding the spoilers, the power of Elchulus was stored in one of Cichol's feathers, which he places in Fragarach. The feather of Morrighan, is the remnant of the goddess, and until now, there has been no confirmation that it hold Elchulus' power as well.

    Aes Sidhe spoilers
    After watching some Aes Sidhe streams, it has been confirmed that the episode is going to feature a lot of back tracking like the Ancient Glas episode (going back to Donegal and doing battles you've already done there), then you fight Aes Sidhe who is a magician bound to the place, which if I recall right is the entrance to Erinn. At the end of the battle Morrighan appears and does something with Fragarach, I don't know why because the text was going too fast, and I can't read moon runes.