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  • Share us your progress for [Sea of Reflection]

    93/100 here
  • Rise: Revolution Preview

    F0l2saken wrote: »
    I am going to celebrate this awful update by throwing all sets I have like Succubus Queen in the trash can. This update is so horrible I won't even support the local game economy by giving it to someone before deleting my account.

    This update is clearly a sign that the game is dead, not a single part of this update does anything to invite new players. Now new players will have to play the entire way to level 90 before they can even get a challenge with this game. I can't recall where anyone on the forums complained about normal, hard, and hero difficulties so don't give me that BS about listening to the community shixon, you never have from day one.

    Potion animation removed with now a delay? Lets take a crucial element of the game that has worked perfectly fine since its creation and change it for no reason at all just to see how it works, sounds like a great idea shixon, did you guys come up with that idea while you were out at a bar getting drunk?

    Your enhancement /enchantment updates are clearly to suck as much money out of your dying community while you still can.

    Everything about this update says "Make as much money off this dying game while we still can, who cares about new players"

    There's a reason shixon is the most complained about company in MMO gaming history, just look at any of their games, you'll find the same complaints about a company that is completely out of touch with its customers.

    RIP Vindictus, time to delete all my sets.
    Why deleting everything?
    Stop playing untill (if ever) things get better seems a more reasonable solution!
  • Vindictus "RISE" Update Patch Notes Translation

    Dumb question concerning what was said about the update on the homepage. I don't recall seeing anything about this in the notes, but I probably just missed it:

    "Certain Enchant and Enhancement items will Fragment on a failed attempt, granting items that can be used to improve your odds further"

    What is this referring to?

    It refers to this part :

    [ Item Shard System ]
    When failing enhancing or enchanting an item, players will receive shards according to the items spent in the progress.
    These are the items:
    Enhancement Rune, Enchant Rune, Premium Armor Enhancement Rune, 6-7 Enchant Scrolls
    Players can right click on the shard to combine and craft it into a new item.
    Shards required for crafting is different for each items.
    These are the items and the shards it gives:
    Enhancement Rune → Enhancement Rune Shard
    Enchant Rune → Enchant Rune Shard
    Premium Armor Enhancement Rune → Premium Armor Enhancement Rune Shard
    Rank 6-7 Enchant Scroll → OOO Enchant Scroll Shard (For example, Righteous Enchant Shard, Subdued Enchant Shard)
    These are the required number of shards to craft a new item:
    Enhancement Rune Shard x4 → Ferghus +1 Enhancement Coupon
    Enchant Rune Shard x3 → Enchant Rune (Gift)
    Premium Armor Enhancement Rune Shard x4 → Premium Armor Enhancement Rune (Gift)
    OOO Enchant Shard x4 → OOO Enchant Scroll (100%)
    Rank 6~7 Enchant Shards and crafted 100% Enchant Scrolls are tradable once only.
  • Vindictus "RISE" Update Patch Notes Translation

    ikevi wrote: »
    ikevi wrote: »

    I don't know how they relate, but assuming it is 3 aby shards for 50 att limit and that we still can use 75 shards then the new cap would be 3550.

    Dont use the word "cap" when you talk about attack limit release. People get confused. Attack limit does not have a cap. It is an extention ouf our cap, but the stats itself is limitless. Sources to gain it are not limitless tho xD. So far we are able to gain 2000 limit released on weapons, 300 with neamhain's completitions, and soon 960 from armors. We will also get some with 2nd trans, not counting it in because its a temporary buff. Anyway trans adds 1800 release, if i'm not mistaken.

    Really... The word cap means max in this sentence. (Not something you wear on your head, or use to cover a bottle). Cap has never meant att cap. If I say someone has caped their stats it means that all stats are maxed. IE today Bal = 90, add damage =300, etc. (You can go into att where you are attack capped for a specific boss at a given value, but that gets finicky)

    Sorry but I am going to use the word cap for what it is. That is the maximum value we can obtain of a specified stat.

    In this case since I only used the words att limit and cap in my sentence there was no reason to associate the word cap with attack cap.

    Just wondering, where did you get 960 from armors?

    Why ppl on these forums is so salty jesus.
    Cap means maxed stat, yes. But that stat doesnt have a max. It can go up and up as long as we have sources to gain it.
    Telling you this because talking to players in game i have been asked many times things like "so if we max the 2000 on the weapon and then get 300 from neam, the 300 will not count?" Just hearing things like that makes me think that some players just didnt understand at all how that stat works. Many even ignore it's esistance..
    What i meant is let's comunicate clearly so casual ppl won't misunderstand stuff.
    960 is the max value of damage reflection reachable on armors wich will be converted to limit release.

    EDIT : i forgot to mention, currently abyssal shards do not work as you said, 1 shard + gold + mats = 10 damage reflection. It will most likely stay the same, since they didn't mention any change in the patch.
    The whole point of my reply to you? If you want to give information, give it good and be precise.
    and dont get salty im not attacking you or anything, just talking.
  • Which character needs a revamp the most?

    Mixxia wrote: »
    Lynns and Lanns were fairly popular in KR and NA (not just on their releases) and now they arent played as much. So what your saying is that all of a sudden with little to no mechanical changes to those classes they all of a sudden became harder and people dont play them anymore?
    No i didn't say this. You're saying it. Imo lynn population is lower(lann not so much, i see many on eu) because she's hard to master = hard to be efficient. Because of this, i think that people should just leave lynn or any other character if they can't make it work propeely and it frustrates them so much to make such threads. Just a generic speech, dont get salty.
    Your saying a company like Devcat is doing a decent job at balancing when a class such as Evie is one of the top dps classes, best support class by far and above average defenses?
    No. If you ask me to express my thought there you have it : characters are as they want them to be. :-)
    Good balance is if one class is good at damage maybe they arent great at defense or have low support abilities. Maybe a class that has no range hits hard as they have more risk. However, In Vindictus, there are characters with low damage, support and defense and vice versa. Lanns and Lynns arent just the only ones, but are the most extreme. Why dont you see Pillar Karoks in Nea, but you see a bunch of Cestus Karoks? Ive seen people play sword Lanns for years and do much better in Nea in a week with spear lanns.

    You can point out that X person is a good Lynn and Y person is a great Lann but if that same person had an equivalent Evie or Kai for example and mastered those classes they would be doing much better. They aren't better classes because they are easier they are just better classes. Them being easier is just an extra bonus in that I can slack off playing evie or kai and do terrible and still match a good run for a lynn/lann (assuming equally skilled/geared players).

    I never claim to be the best player out there, but I clear Nea weekly on 4 different classes around mid-level gear and do around 15-20% dmg with 0.5 average deaths per fight so I think I can judge different classes well.
    Making comparison of different characters, especially in Nam, is just WRONG. Ofc some are better, what did you expect, equality? Dream on sweetheart. Each character faces the battle based on it's own play style. Some results to be easier/more efficient. Doesn't mean that it is unbalanced.
    But w/e just post on these forums assuming that anyone who asks for balance is just a noob or needs to get better. I guess we cant really expect any less from you when your opening comment is "shut the f*ck up".