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  • What stats cost/effectiveness to focus on?

    Yoma wrote: »
    Alright as you play on Eu it simplifies things as i play there aswell.

    If you are still interested you can tell your in game most played character name so i can whisper you when i start playing. Other than that you could just add your opinion on to my comment below above.

    Actually i was the one who whispered you ingame. I even wrote at start im Yoma from Forum to prevent any confusion.

    Usually enchant runes are a bit scarce for newer players so its better to save em for expensive runes as crafting 100% temporal/stigma es only cost a few mil.

    Alr aka Attack Limit removing is extremly expensive and usually last thing to do. (100 alr=~1% dps gain)
  • What stats cost/effectiveness to focus on?

    Alright as you play on Eu it simplifies things as i play there aswell. Im gonna inspect you and send you mail/wsp you.

    Bal is only ~0,5% dps per 1 bal while crit is ~0,95% per 1 crit, so capping crit is more important than balance.
  • What stats cost/effectiveness to focus on?

    As we dont know if you play NA or EU and dont see your Gear, it's not easy to give specific advise. (Like e.g. buy that pice of Gear, change that Scroll, infuse that Item...)

    Your Stats are rather low all in all and i assume you run +12 Astera Weapon and some +10 Armor pieces. Ugrade Armor to atleast +11/+12 (If Dulla +13) as there are Runes for that, from e.g. Guild Seal shop or events. Beside that i assume you dont have much Stats from Redeemers yet, you should work on that.

    37k Att is okay, but your Crit is very low, however given i dont know your Gear its not easy to tell you straight away what to get or what to scroll. Attack Speed you should only get as much until it feels comfortable and then focus on other stats as AS will come from Weapon enhancing and Fast Scrolls once you got 95+ Bal.

    Additional Damage is a great damage Stat but as it sits behind enhancing, not a cheap one. Though, once everythings okayish enhancing Weapon is the way to go.

    For better advice ask someone ingame who can inspect your Character or list the items you got here with Enchants infusions etc. if you feel bored.
  • Is there something I'm missing?

    Well if you restore a +14 Armor every 2 days it can get costy, but ya dont look for reason in those shops. not to mention that everything expires which makes it useless for alrdy fully geared player.
  • Third Redeemer?


    Soon, the Goddess of Smithing Brigid, who you’ll meet at the Forge of Gods will test the failed hero, whether he/she is worthy for the restoration of Fragarach. Brigid is a charismatic mature goddess who can freely manipulate metal and fire as a blacksmith. She will use two-handed swords she herself forged as the main weapon. Depending on situtation during battle, her sword can fire various flaming attacks. Brigid will also showcase her unique fighting scale followed with special mechanics, just like Neamhain or Balor. After the Sea of Reflection and the Dark Side of the Moon arrives the Third Redeemers, Brigid! We hope you’re looking forward to her as well as we do!

    Thank you very much!

    Even though its been released alrdy couple days ago and most have seen it alrdy, heres the short introduction vid.