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  • Suggestion based off Ancient Coin concept

    Make ancient coin's a new currency, available only from completeing season 3 raids, reduce the cost of all scrolls by 50% of what they are now,
    Essentially you are segregating the playerbase more by allowing only 80-90's get the coins/scrolls then (although r7's are obtainibale by 80-90 anyways). I would propose no increase in the cost of the scrolls but also allowing a two tier shop where < 80s would be allowed to trade coins for up to r8s. Once they hit 80, they would be able to unlock the r7's.

    Another proposal to be more "fair" to the players that don't have ~2-3 hours a day to burn thru all 20 seals is to limit the coins to lets say to 10 a day. It will allow the playerbase to be more consistient as people will be logging in everyday to get their coins.

    Also to make this game more "F2P" in a sense, we could also have an option of allowing coin trading for the unstable enchant runes. These disappear on use regardless of the outcome but will allow people to save their hard earned gear. Allow 1 unstable enchant rune per 15 days for idk 75 coins? This will allow you to attempt a high cost r7 prefix or suffix every 2 weeks "safely".

    1: Keep the current pricing of coins to scrolls and make this feature permanent
    2: Limit coins to 10 per day to keep players coming back (maybe)
    3. Allow unstable enchant runes to be obtained through coins (75 every 15 days)

    I'm expecting a bit of criticism along the lines of: "I play for 5 hours a day and raid everything so I should be able to get 20 coins a day". That may be true but you raiding everything already gives you a "higher" chance of getting a scroll. Give everyone an equal opportunity to be geared well with the time they have allotted to play this game.

    Oath of honor: Dead party members may not revive. Completing the raid with this oath on grants 1 ancient coin to all party members.

    This is a fantastic way to give us the difficulty we all crave, as well as introduce a reward for doing so.
    This is like neiman/old nifleheim were it can possibly turn into a 1-3 man show is a majority of the party's faces hit the dirt
  • Delia Screenshots~!


    Still looking for a helm........

    Server: East
    IGN: Leiliel
  • Bow vs Crossgun

    Bow cuz I don't like xgun camera zoom in/out (makes me a bit nauseous)
  • New Content...How do you plan to spent your time?


    All Kai only chat

    less than 3
    Maybe I'll actually login to Kai for once
  • Alternative to Ferghus' hand slipping

    I don't like the idea of flooding the market however I feel like there should be no limit to the number of times you can res a bound item. As long as you can't trade it, and it's just for your personal use there's no reason you shouldn't be able to imo.
    This. Make boomed weapons permabind but allow unlimited ressurections