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  • Just when I wanted to come back, Fatigue happen...

    I see Lethor happening and think about coming back to the game after ~2 years of hiatus because of gacha boxes, but then I noticed the fatigue system is now a thing in NA Vindictus. Are you for real Nexon, you try to combat bot by limiting the play time of everyone including your legit players? And for some reason it will help future content? And your long term solution for people who don't feel happy with it is a free Fatigue Potion that last... 2 weeks?

    Usually I would just leave without saying a thing just like the last two times (Miul and Bel release), but the Fatigue thing is such madness, I have to make this post before going away.
  • Arisha's Whip.

    Well, guess we'll have to wait for some gameplay video to see what skills have been developed for Arisha. Any other ideas on what/when Delia's 2nd comes out as?

    I would like Delia to have lance or rapier. Lance match her 2 handed combat style, and rapier is a "classy" weapon that match her royalty origin.
  • [Solved] Permanently banned after merge.

    They answered my ticket and telling me my ban is lifted, so it's solved now.
  • [Solved] Permanently banned after merge.

    So, my Lynn and Kai, West server is permanently banned after the merge. Here is a quick summary of the problem:

    - My Lynn and Kai got banned in Feb 2017 because of some random reason that I don't know (with some other people, too).
    - I asked to be unbanned. Thankfully Nexon did, but ONLY ON WEST.
    - Both of them are still permanently banned everywhere else but West.
    - This merge is based on East.
    - Thus they are permanently banned now.
    - I tried to contact Saygo few days ago, no reply yet.
  • Server Merge Social

    - From West
    - From bad to mediocore at every char I play
    - Play multiple char evenly, so I consider them all "main"
    - Spend more money on vanity than on gearing up, although none of my char are top tier geared.
    - My character's names are not real names.
    - Really like to be complimented on my fashion.
    - But mostly got called "Leprechaun" "gaudy" "watermelon" and stuff like that
    - If you see a character with some shade of green, fat chance it's one of my chars.
    - Can't stop playing Vindi and have been online nearly daily in 4 years+.
    - Have to play a lot less than I would like to, cuz work.
    - Weirdly obsessed with character I created, so can't delete any of them.
    - Wished to be a billionaire, just like my uncle.