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April 19, 1988
  • Share your misery/fortune(global)


    28x attempts of getting a +12 90 to +13; 28 fails

    100 bce clears, 0 orange
    50 lochlann clear title obtained on two characters, 0 orange
    50 lograch clear title obtained, 0 orange
    50 regina kill title obtained, 0 orange
    100 braha kill title obtained, 0 orange
    50 lugh kill title obtained, 0 orange
    50 eochaid kill title obtained, 0 orange
    (abom not at 50 kills yet.. but see the trend?)

    Around 5 bil worth of blue element stones thrown at videk for accessory crit infusions before s3 came out. Didn't get a single one.

    A +15 lvl 60 weapon =.=
    +14 regina chest while trying to blow it up for mats back at +10
  • Lorgrach's charge attack.

    After killing him 10 times on normal mode so that I can see his hp bar, I figured out how it works.

    - He will use the move at 7 bars, 4 bars, and 1 bar.
    - Attacking him during the charge will heal his hp.
    - If you healed him by at least 2 bars, your cancel will succeed, and he will lose all the hp gained during the charge.
    - If you failed the cancel, he get to keep the healed hp; but he will not use the move again when he drops below the threashold again.
    - The move does have a cooldown (of around 1 minute, it seems); I have to hold back on dps a lot so that I can actually get 3 cancels per run.

    If you do fail the cancel, you can actually block/dodge it.
  • Why is Arisha considered "Hard to play"?

    Arisha used to be difficult to use pre-s3 due to being an int char. Int gear lvl 80 and under are severely underpowered compared to str counterparts to balance out mana shield and magic mastery; neither of which arisha gets. Focus is nowhere near enough to make up for other equipment pieces being so much weaker. Arisha also has 1300 lower base HP, low base stamina, and the worst stamina efficiency of any character; making it very very easy to run out of stamina and get 1 - 2 shotted.

    Currently, the only hard part about arisha is how unforgiving she is toward lag. Many moves do not function properly when having even a 0.5s delay, because you cannot que them in advance. Characters with can que moves suffer much less so from delay.

    - Arisha is awful at moving quickly.. dodge tracer somewhat fix this issue.. but slight lag can easily turn this into dodge + grab, making you move way slower instead.
    - SP tracer can result in you not moving at all if lagging, while the skill still goes on cooldown and clear your tag.
    - Arisha's dodge cannot be que'd after a failed block. You cannot just block/dodge spam to deal with things like neit ohko if you lag.
    - Ruin blade enhance can fail to function if you suffer packet loss while casting it, locking yourself in a long animation where you can be slapped.
    - Arisha's block does not start up instantly; having ping delay can easily result in hits going right through your block despite it appearing functional on your own screen. Fifi/delia with frame 1 block would take far higher ping to have block fail.
    - Delay can easily cause your counter drain to take sp and go on cooldown, but without ever activating; or make you get hit during counter drain despite the perfect drain animation and sound being played.
    (As a bonus, not all arcane flurry hits will deal damage if your lag is bad enough, but would still consume stamina/mana.)
  • Maximum +15 coupon decreases?

    It simply rolls randomly between 10 - 15, with 10 being heavily weighted. If you do roll a 10 or 11, then nothing happens to your +11; the coupon is simply wasted. If you roll 12 or higher, then it get improved. The chances of a +11 improving is pretty heavily against you.
  • Counterdrain Awakening - minus cooldown or damage?

    Personally, I'd vote for leave it be and not even bother wasting money with awakening.

    -5s cooldown does effectively nothing, especially since it is very likely for a s3 boss to not be attacking you the moment it goes off cooldown.
    10% dmg also does nearly nothing due to the long cooldown. Counter drain itself contributes very little direct damage in the first place.

    If you need it filled with something to satisfy your OCD.. put dmg.

    The difference between counter drain with 10% dmg awakening and not having it, for a typical 5 minute raid is... comparable to using flurry for 2 seconds.