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April 19, 1988
  • "What we believe in" Battle. Gate Bug?

    It happens when a ground digging mob refuse to show up. It can be circumvented if you have trans, and let the projectiles kill it from below the floor.
  • Sales Proft Tax are you fricking kidding me?

    Premium ticket apparently do not tax whatsoever.
  • What do you do with the refunded AP...

    DownIoad wrote: »
    I can't be the only one lost...
    What's is this about? What refunded AP/how much? So many questions, so little time.

    Equipment proficiency skills got reduced from rank 6 to rank 8. If you maxed everything, you get about 8k ap back for chars with only 1 weapon, more for 2 weapon chars. The ap is directly added to your existing AP instead of being returned as AP capsules like past AP refunds. Players who were already near or at the ap cap ended up well past the AP cap, resulting in the inability to gain any additional AP until it is spent below 50k again.
  • What do you do with the refunded AP...

    hi5josh wrote: »
    I guess it's time to use +11 runes on armor then blow everything up?

    They are already +11 or higher, and all boomed already.
  • Ein lacher stat scaling

    I find bosses in ein lacher do not change in speed based on your attack speed. I tried it with 30 speed, 50 speed, and 80 speed; bosses are identical.

    Additional damage stat do apply in ein lacher, but it is capped at 120 (equal to a +10 weapon). Anything beyound 120 do not count. If you have less than 120 additional damage, it will use your actual stat.

    Your attack is capped 20k in ein lacher, but bosses have 13k def. If you have less than 20k attack, you will do less damage. This do mean normally s3 attack capped players will do significantly less damage in ein lacher.

    Your def is capped at 10k, far too low to take hits. Most bosses will kill you with non-crits in 4 - 6 hits. No clue about crit resist; but it is a irrelevant stat due to how few hits you can take, if any at all.

    Crit cap is probalby somewhere around 100 - 110, much lower than normal for s3, but I don't know the exact value. I did most of my ein lacher runs on 107 crit, could not really tell any difference compared to 130 crit.

    Your bal does matter. Ein lacher uses your actual bal.

    Awakenings work fully in ein lacher. Dura does not seem to drain if you press the quick restart button. Dura is definitely drained when you successfully clear a mission.

    Some extras:
    - You cannot use artifacts in ein lacher, but enchants on them like fast still do work.
    - Bosses have practically infinite knockdown resistance in ein lacher. You basically cannot knock them down without using 1k sp holds. Bosses that are 100% to be knocked down in the real world by a fifi counterattack like black breeze will not go down even after 100 counters.
    - Picking up secondary weapons in battle (such as judgement of goddess in glas) and using them will count as "cheating" and disqualify you from the run.
    - All boss HP is scaled to ~40% of a normal s3 raid solo.
    - Boss crit resist (and hence your crit required to cap) is much lower than normal for s3, as stated above.
    - Remaining boss stats are mostly the standard values for s3 raids.