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  • Shouldn't this outfit be in the outfitter shop?

    It's probably just greed they made ten thousands of dollars off gachas vs only thousands off direct purchase why would they go back to the old method.

    The better company would see that the money streams are coming from two different sets of people and capitalize by offering gachas for new releases and direct purchase for less desirable or old items. Repackaging the old rerun sets in their own gachas is such a slap in the face to people who have waited years for a rerun when before it was direct purchase.
  • Shouldn't this outfit be in the outfitter shop?

    ^pretty sure KR put most of their really old outfitters non special versions in the outfitter shop unlike us.

    Ya the new gremlins are so cute but no way am i forking out a maximum $300+ for them if i get really unlucky in the gacha. To the layman person those gremlins are worth no more than just above the regular price of the ones you can buy the supply depot even if they get fancy effects like mining and immortality.

    (to really unlucky people thats a mark up of nearly 10x the price and at 0.95% super rare rate pitying out is actually really likely.)
    Probably nexon won't read this but please stop treating your average players like they're stupid. We do the math and determine if a sale is actually worth it or not your job is make the bundles and items in your shop worth it.
  • Shouldn't this outfit be in the outfitter shop?

    I agree the whale money is drying up people don't buy nearly as many gacha boxes as when airtights were first introduced. The old gachas presumably had even worse rates than the current one and yet you don't see nearly as many system messages about drops. This super niche game doesn't have the population to handle having a top heavy and frequent gacha that they've been doing for the last year. They used to take a month or 2 break between gachas to allow people to recoup and make each gacha feel more special rather than "oh there will just be cooler outfits next month".

    Ultimately nexon has the data and if they feel this is the only way to gain revenue from players so be it. it's just kinda sad cuz dollar signs have taken over their long term decision making. Vindy whales are gonna be sucked dry if they keep this up. I have plenty of unspent nx from when this gacha fiasco started about 3 years ago I'd spend in a heartbeat if they put REAL sales for their runes and outfits instead of overpriced bundles and 0.05% chances on gacha.

    Companies that last a long time in america are usually the ones who diversify the most in their revenue streams instead of putting all their eggs in one basket.
  • Shouldn't this outfit be in the outfitter shop?

    They should include the non special one in the outfitter shop imo because whales are still gonna go after the coveted +2 balance but what do I know.
  • is NA stuff better than EU??

    They have a ton of random seasonal event maps they can swap in over the years if making new content is the problem. It just seems they are completely tunnel-visioned on gacha cosmetics, raid bosses and new characters over in kr.