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  • The return of Gallagher's Dice.

    how is the event? you roll the dice and where you land thats your reward?
  • January 11th Scheduled Game Update

    Australia gonna have to time-travel for this update
  • would you ever whale?

    Arishante wrote: »
    HeartCard wrote: »
    Everytime I see someone post wall-o'-text like this here I have an irresistible urge to tell them to start writing a book. The superfluity is simply appalling.
    At least I can say that I literally DID write a book and am working on a second one. Jesus christ, that wall was...
    And it wasn't broken up by humor, it was repetitive, it was irrational...If you're writing something like that and it's NOT designed to entertain the few people willing to actually read it...
    It just begs too many questions.

    I can't even respond to it. Nobody would want to read a legitimate well-elaborated response to that wall, because it'd be the size of the entire first page just to break it down.
    You SUCK as a gladiator, mate.

    Not everything is entertainment, you don't have to insert jokes at every turn to be readable. I think some people found his post interesting enough to read it and like it. Just because you use bigger words and try to be funny doesn't give you the right to put others down like that. Is anybody impressed by this?

    WEO WEO anti-fun police is here
  • would you ever whale?

    Why would you spend ridiculous amounts of real life money on a dead game?

    East, West and AUS servers were merged not too long ago most likely due to having so little players on each of the individual servers. Safe to say the game is on it's deathbed.

    So why spend all this money on a game that is in serious danger of shutting down at any moment? Multiple servers being merged just to try and salvage what little there's left of the community. You have staff running the game that rarely even bother to speak to you. Countless threads being made asking questions to staff, looking for any response at all and most of it is ignored and goes unanswered unless it has to do with money or threatens Nexon's financial revenue. Better uses for my money out there other than throwing it at people who only care about my wallet at the end of the day.

    And then an entire update ('Rise') that was obviously made to try and milk money out of the whales that are still playing and clueless about what's really going on with the game and others I guess just have spent so much cash on the game already there's no turning back lol While others are just in denial of the state of the game (I was too for a while) and continue to spend money on a lost cause.

    You clearly never played games that were going to get shut down.I have

    In a dying game (think atlantica which was owned by nx) first they try to milk the game as much as possible with sales over sales then they update at a very slow pace until no new updates are in sight.

    Vindi is far from that.They import updates according to a schedule from the parent version of the game and on top of that this game uses peer2peer connection and very few elements of the game actually require a dedicated server to host them.
    These 2 factors ensure the game will run for a very long time before they even consider selling it/shutting it down.

    You can save your doomsday predictions for a couple more years.Everyone's been bitching that the game is dying ever since late Season 1,then whole Season 2.
  • 95 update has taken its toll on me.

    I appreciate those who have spoken up for the ill behavior that's been going on. I called out the one person that I felt I needed to in this thread because they attempted to get personal with their attacks and I saw no reason not to correct that. Their post was idiotic on top of being blatantly wrong.

    el a lot more empty if people don't bother to acknowledge his posts any longer.

    while you're here and awake and really wish to know how I and some other people feel about you and other ranters:

    Do everyone a favor and post your rants in "gameplay feedback" section.At least that way you're not occupying general discussion space with "omg I hate this game so much I hope it dies already " emo rants ; this goes for anyone who has bitchy feedback to offer

    also I'm sure I've spent way less time of my life replying to your posts than you did writing weekly 2000 word rants that are meaningless because NX obviously does not respond to feedback.

    Please continue sharing your misery and hatred for this game with these posts.You know rants won't change a damn thing but you and many others still adore doing them because bitching about every minor flaw of a game is the meta on these forums.Also ,tone down the edgelord/superiority complex,it might make your acolytes moist but normal people can spot the douchebag tone in that.Peace and rant ON if that's your life's ambition,you're nearing the "100 Rant posts" forum badge