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  • Do We Get Drops Automatically?

    A while back Nexon implemented a system that would auto loot drops on the ground from mobs, however that system completely depends on time and not whether you finish the battle or not, for example say you have been dead on the ground for 10 mins or so and there are mob drops you on the ground those drops will be looted automatically (takes a very long time though). However if you don't stay in a given area sufficiently long the game will not auto loot mob drops for you and only boss drops will be received at the end.
  • So what's going on with DevCAT?

    Alright let me explain myself from earlier. Every single time the game has been made easier (think when 90 mats hit the seal shop and boss needs) the game population has fallen rapidly. Why? No reason to gear up anymore now that you have obtained end game gear easily = nothing sells too = no longer a point to play the game with no end game goals. Also a huge chunk of Vindictus's income comes directly from enhancement and enchantment runes so Nexon will be less inclined to keep the game up. BDO is a completely different game that focuses a lot more on PVP than it does PVE and attracts completely different audiences who aren't exactly looking for hard PVE content but are more looking for exploration / guild wars and massive sandbags with an insane amount of HP called world bosses. Final point is that making enhancing and enchanting easy to obtain will piss off a lot of the old players of this game whom at this point make up most of the population​, so you'll probably see a lot of them quite too.
  • Hunting Party

    jeddyhi wrote: »
    Be a Social Animal.

    ^^^^^^^ That title was the #1 reason I started using it.
  • Rank F beast Stance and sick and simple Combo

    Eviloni wrote: »
    lol deathbreahe im ready to try pillar when are you getting back on

    Unfortunately friend I'm extremely busy those days with school but if you add me on discord - AimAndKill​#8690 I'm sure we can arrange something for the weekend :)
  • Rank F beast Stance and sick and simple Combo

    That's Mr. DeathBreathe to you ;)