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  • I love vindictus

    Who the fock do you think you are telling me what to do. Looking for trouble?
  • Game feels dead :(

    Atherion wrote: »
    Well this explains a lot, you went full Astera without a proper budget or roadmap. .

    Implying a roadmap is useful in an extreme RNG based game like vindictus. lol
    Implying a budget is relevant in an extremely RNG based game like vindictus
    That`s like saying you didn`t win gambling at las vegas because you didn`t carefully plan out your budget.
  • Its sad what this games come to

    Kurs wrote: »
    He was judging based on things he assumed without even doing proper research. And saying he was right just because a potential new female character is coming out now after the fact, don't you see the problem with that?

    Female costumes sell, male do not.
    With gatchapons probably going illegal in the near future,in many countries , vindictus income will depend solely on cosmetics for female chars and in the future payed guild house objects.
    pointless updates like guild house and dressroom is proof of this and confirmation that this is the direction the game is going.
    Its like dead or alive. You don`t play the game for the fighting, you play the game to see hot girls in bikinis and bouncing ****.
    You don`t play vindictus for the battles, you play it to make gold so you can buy NX for costumes and go afk in colhen to show people your new hot eira with big **** and miniskirt.
    Is this a bad thing? of course not. Denying that this is happening is bad.
    Most f2p games get their money by selling cosmetics. This is the approach they should have gone with from the beginning imo. Ditch the gambling gachapons and shitty timely cosmetics and just sell tons of cosmetics (that don`t bind)you keep forever not for nx or gold but $$. Its way more stable like that. Look at path of exile, the company thrives on this model.
    Although its way too late for this game. This game is beyond salvation because the foundation is build on quicksand.
  • What you like/dislike at rise Vindictus?

    combo bonus
    oath of honours
    difficulty options
    8 man raids
    old malina
  • with character is easiest to play?

    Don`t listen to the people recommending bow kai because hurr durr easy range durrrr. With kai you have to position a lot and you stand still a lot for your skills. It can be hard, special when boss decides to go after you. In solo bow is hardest class.
    Easiest classes are:
    sword fiona
    sword vella
    pillar karok
    cestus karok, altough he has less absorb frames than pillar its still good.