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    I think tuxedo avatar would have been better , but , i dont have it feelsbadman.
  • Divine Punishment - The legacy of time!

    Keep it up Domi o/ Miss ya guys :D
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    Just a random meme ideea after what i saw today ^ xD

  • The RNG of this game is so incredibly enraging.

    Rena_Ryugu wrote: »
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    I am tired of talking to newbies who get to level 6 then quit beacuse leveling is "too hard". I grew up playing games like ragnarok online that were rage inducing at how slow leveling is, and seeing modern MMO players complain about leveling in vindi makes me feel old and think they are spoilt.

    If you look at hard games like dark souls, they are popular because they are single player games. If they were MMOs, they would be like vindi : ghost towns. Why? "too hard" "ceebs" "bdo is better".

    More variety, that's all, talking about BDO, hunt sea monster, war other guilds, horse racing, trade between town and island etc etc
    dayli sh*t i can choice.
    Vindi is just doing the same dungeon every day, ok you can dress like a sl*t, that's more variety ofc :D or go naked/solo etc, but it is always the same soup everyday.

    Why i keep playing this game after so many years , and came back few times even without having 0 gear ,its because the game is FAST , gameplay enjoyable , and SIMPLE , ez to lvl up , ez to get gear ( upgrading is kinda btch but w/e xD ), and u dont need to do much to enjoy the game. And can easily do something even if u have small ammount of time . Vindi is a dungeon game so u dont have much variety (like in every dungeon game or most of them) ,but its entertaining, also the interraction with other ppl is easier and fun , compaired to other games where u dont talk with any1 if u dont have friends with u or till u reach higher level to meet ppl :) Also Vindi has FASHION and DYES which makes Vindi a great game allowing u to make ur character the way u want it , while other games give u only the choice to buy some REAL CASH outfits , because their armors and customizations are lame (BDO), or u farm/buy premade outfits , which look good but everyone can have em , nothing unique (BnS). Also Vindi is not giving u huge advantages even if u PAY , compaired to other famous games xD

    BDO is pvp oriented , i couldnt care less about PvP , most of the guilds wont accept u in if u dont PvP (scrubs). PvE in BDO is boring AF ,their AI are garbage xD Also BDO eats a lot of time , grinding EXP ( which if u dont have EXP protection items, u are fked late game if u die) and do many other useless things that only Kiddos with free time "hardcore gamers" can actually do something . Even tho i kinda have enough free time , i didnt saw myself , grinding years and doing tons of useless things ,which others call variety , in order to finnaly enjoy the game , end game sht. About graphics , skills (they kinda suck bad) , envoirment , im not impressed , if gameplay is slow.
    Also if u dont have friends to play with u wont probably enjoy the game or play for long , because we all know most of the ppl went on BDO with their friends, not alone , since that game makes u dependent on others.

    Back on topic, RNG sux , ik , failed 25+ echos on god damn gloves, never failed so much in my whole Vindu years for a freakin item , so , i said , fk it , lets end the curse , exquisite enchant rune , and done xD And my light gear was made with that rune too fully scrolled , event runes. Also if u see u suq at enchant or enchance , farm and buy em scrolled ez.