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  • Does anyone actually like PVP?

    The only way to be "good" in PvP is to learn the normal patterns that people take and then attack into the areas where they would be rather than where they currently are on the screen. But again, it's just a completely random thing because you are NEVER fighting someone. You are just fighting some ghost of theirs and they are actually never where they appear.

    You might as well roll d20 dice all day and the one with the higher number ones.
    Hurks, crossgun Kai, and Karoks get d20s.
    The rest gets smaller and smaller die from there.

    The "good players" are simply the ones who get lucky winning streaks or who always seem to roll high on average (again, the 3 mentioned classes) and think this completely RNG thing is worth doing so they keep doing it.

    Oh, congrats, over 16000 wins in arena. As if that's supposed to mean something? All it means is he wasted enough time to play over 16000 arena battles.
    It's like saying you have watched over 16000 Sesame Street episodes. The only thing impressive is that you had that much free time to waste.

    For MMORPGs with worthwhile PvP go look at something like Elsword, Dragon Nest, or Blade and Soul.
    Don't even try to lie to yourself that PvP in Vindictus matters beyond seal trading for the artifacts or emblems if you want something extra.


    And for all of what you say above about how there is grab or deflecting Hollow Shot.
    Here's what happens when you see a Vella trying to deflect Hollow Shot.
    You sit there and just auto her with crossgun Kai. Why? Because she's in cross stance and can't do anything else. If she then deflects early you can trigger Hollow Shot at her and hopefully hit some ghost of her. If she doesn't she's in a losing position. There is never a way to force an advantage. You are always playing from behind. That is not a competitive system. It's a stupid system and you should be ashamed that you're defending it beyond anything as a medal gaining system.

    Also as already remarked above. You can land a grab perfectly but no grab will take place. Why? Because as already stated, in PvP, you never fight the person, you're just fighting some laggy ghost of theirs that is leftover from them moving around. It's not PvP. It's Player VS Laggy image on the screen.
  • So who wants a RollBack?

    I like the 4 man raids.
    I like the quality of life stuff.

    What I won't stand for is the damage determining drop rate, the RNG aspect of the gear progression, the ez-mode they made most of the game, the pay2win aspect of the game, the additional damage changes, the content locked behind stats, the money grubbing, and the management of the game by Nexon NA.

    Make gear progression worthwhile to play for but fully obtainable without a great deal of RNG.
    Make all of the bosses even harder than they are now with more varied movesets.
  • Your Thoughts on Additional Damage Changes?

    For years I've gone to various gaming forums and promoted Vindictus and argued/defended it by saying it had no real elements of pay2win and was only pay2carryotherpeople.

    Now Nextrash has proven me a liar. :(
  • A very sensitive topic on controls

    Here's something people don't do that helps.

    WASD normal movement.
    Dodge/block on left shift.
    Run on spacebar.

    This is how you can easily tap run to move quickly while having a modicum of stamina recovery. This also simplifies movement as you just hold whichever direction you want to go and then hold spacebar down to run. Shift for all dodge/block.

    You can swap dodge/run between shift and spacebar but I prefer running on spacebar because of the ease of being able to tap it and with good play you shouldn't need to be tapping shift that much.
  • It's coming and you can't stop it: RISE Update

    Question2 wrote: »
    Does anyone else find it hilarious that the one time we get an update shortly after KR gets it, is also the one time where it's an update designed to sell more runes to make the director look good to his superiors?

    Doesn't surprise me at all.
    And if that +15 rune is real then this update makes perfect sense to Nexon from a profit standpoint.

    Damage band being extended out to +20, a significant amount of damage coming from armors with high enhance now as well. Meaning instead of ignoring enhance on armors you now have to do that if you are min/maxing.

    It's possible whales will keep this game afloat for another year or two with the scatterings of scrubby players feeding off the bottom with their +10s thinking they're still relevant to the game when their entire existence is to be slaves to gather materials and enchant scrolls for whales to use because they will NEVER be able to reach that endgame without the monetary input that the whales can put in.