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  • Lynn: Concepts and information regarding use.

    A how to guide to using Lynn.


    General concept of using Lynn when you have all the skills unlocked.

    1) Trigger Furious Tiger
    2) Land Swift Assassin
    Detonate 10 golden marks for high damage.

    When you don't have enough time simply using: Iron Monkey
    Is understandable with either the first or both hits.

    Divine Spear: makes Swift Assassin blue marks into gold ones for extra damage.
    Chambers of Death does good damage for a low amount of meter and is easy to cancel out of.

    Furious Tiger followed by Long Armed Devil is also used at times.
    Jade Fox is useful if you have a lot of meter.

    New players
    Which skills are most important to get first.

    1. Get every skill to it's second rank at first
    2. Get Fishtail pole, Swift Assassin to rank A
    3. Get Smash Mastery high level
    4. Your able to max out every other skill eventually

    Defense Moves

    Thunder Leg
    A short distance flip that dodges most enemy moves except for very few boss moves.

    Little Rat
    A quick hit followed by a long distance backwards leap that blocks most moves, can be used to safely gain distance.
    When hit your able to press Space Bar again to teleport behind an enemy, useful for continuing combos from behind. Counter version must be used during a massive radius attack.


    L = Left mouse click
    R = Right mouse click
    SB = Space Bar

    SB R
    SB RR
    LLRR = 1 Swift Assassin
    LLLRR = 1 Swift Assassin
    LLLLRR = 2 Swift Assassin


    Swift Assassin
    When landing a combo on the last hit it marks the enemy with a blue mark or a well timed gold mark.

    Moves that trigger the explosion of Swift Assassin Marks
    1. Five Finger death = Trigger move that sets off explosive marks
    2. Iron Flag = A safe long distance ranged blast
    3. Flying Snow = A short distance higher damage move. Wasteful if not used during Jade Fox buff.

    Long Armed Devil = A special move that quickly adds gold Swift Assassin marks. Able to add 4 or 6 in total with it's additional input.
    Divine Spear = Turns blue Swift Assassin marks into gold ones. Gold marks also called Zhen Swift Assassin.

    Jade Fox

    1. Grants a very small instance of full protection of all boss moves.
    2. Drains your sp meter fully.
    3. Able to spam your moves multiple times for a tad less special meter.
    4. Able to use Flying Snow move for very little meter as a finisher.

    Furious Tiger

    Killer Dart = Rush attack
    Little Rat = Smack hit / either in a teleport counter or just a backwards leap

    Furious Tiger buff is hitting with either. A max Furious Tiger buff is hitting with both of those moves.
    Furious Tiger allows for an additional Swift Assassin or two additional Swift Assassin marks per each combo.

    Must have item
    Greater Mysterious Cat Statue

    a. At level 40 go to pvp arena
    b. Get up to 70 seals per week
    C. Save up 200 seals for greater Cat Statue = 1 SP meter every 70 seconds
    Location is at Rocheste Castle, behind the big water fountain. Chat with the guard to trade seals.
    The pvp arena can be accessed by the small icon on the bottom left of your screen in most lobby locations.

    Player versus player tip:
    1) Combo LR can hit other payers into the air
    2) Follow the combo with LLRR and the trigger move Five Finger Death and a last hit using Little Rat
    3) Make use of Iron Monkey and PVP grab at times among other things

    On enemies.

    It is highly recommended to get the Greater Mysterious Cat Statue as soon as possible. On tougher basic enemies the move Divine Spear is highly advisable. Lacking a strong knock back effect Lynn can at least spam damage and bypass enemies with Divine Spear.

    As for bosses if your taking damage you should be blocking, dodging or attacking at a different time. Includes simply ignoring a combo you already started just to make sure you don't clash into a hit when landing your own move.

    High damage

    1. Killer Dart / Little Rat
    2. Combo for swift assassin --- Repeat
    3. Divine Spear
    4. Little Rat quickly enough to hit the boss during divine spear
    5. Repeat combo without going into killer dart --- Go to repeat
    6. 10 Swift Assassin marks - trigger explosion

    This is doing as much damage as possible on bosses quickly.

    Very high damage

    1. Jade fox
    2. Chambers of death - repeat

    "Chambers of Death" is a very close range move but deals high damage for this character.
    Use normal attacks to get closer after jumping, it requires very close touching range.

    I often use "Divine Spear" for lesser enemies.